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  1. mcdermottm

    Color of car in surround view

    Thoughts... When I put the the car in Reverse and the overhead view pops up, it shows the car as a white car even though my car is Gentian Blue. I realize the car on the screen is CGI but I would have thought it would match the actual car like we've had with other car brands. Does everyone...
  2. mcdermottm

    3rd party wheel insurance (US)

    I'm interested in hearing what, if anything, others have done for wheel/tire insurance without going through the dealer. I seem to remember others mentioning it but can't find too much definitive using the search function. I've also entered it into the Google and found several companies that...
  3. mcdermottm

    Anyone in FL waiting on a Pure Green CT?

    Was at the Melbourne, FL dealership today and saw at Pure Green CT (or ST) being unloaded. Just wondering if that belongs to anyone on the forum. Congratulations on the delivery!
  4. mcdermottm

    Exterior sound without Electric Sport Sound option?

    If this has been covered before, I must not be searching for the right words… what is the default exterior sound without the ESS? Is it a generic electronic whine like many other cars or is it the fake engine sound?
  5. mcdermottm

    New Turbo S available in FL 01/01/2023

    My dealer also has this one available. Chalk exterior. Also a 2022 Turbo S CT with 760 miles on it. Porsche of Melbourne
  6. mcdermottm

    New Volcano Grey RWD available in FL 12/31/2022

    This just popped up at my local dealer. Their website doesn’t list the specs on it but it’s gotta be decently optioned at $118k. Porsche of Melbourne Facebook
  7. mcdermottm

    Traveling to Zurich and Zermatt, Switzerland this Summer

    Hey, all. My family is stopping for 5 days in Switzerland on our way to South Africa this Summer. We’re planning a day in Zurich and then 4 days in Zermatt. Since this forum is far more international than any other outlet I have or am active in, I’m wondering if anyone has suggestions for things...
  8. mcdermottm

    Florida Taycan owners… FPL EVolution at-home program

    Has anyone looked into FPL’s new at-home charging program? I try to give them as little money as possible but would like insight from anyone that has this or looked into it.
  9. mcdermottm

    RWD Build… am I “over building” a RWD?

    Long story short… I upped my budget from $115k-$140k. My RWD freeze date is in 2 days. My dealer has a GTS on the lot available (over budget but doable). Obviously, it’s my money, my choice and 1/2 will say stick with RWD and 1/2 will say GTS but my question is, is it possible to over-spec a...
  10. mcdermottm

    Can the car Preheat/cool based on location?

    I’ve watched several of the videos and read several threads on profiles and timers but haven’t found an answer. I’m guessing it is not possible. Is it possible to set a preheat/cool schedule without a charge profile/timer based on location? My work schedule is pretty erratic (both days and...
  11. mcdermottm

    Car hotspot

    I’m looking to possibly cancel my Sirius XM subscription and just go with the streaming SXM app when I get my Taycan and using CarPlay. I’m looking for feedback on the benefits of paying for the hotspot built-in to the car. It seems like I can just stream from my phone with my monthly unlimited...
  12. mcdermottm

    Getting an allocation!

    I put the $1000 down to get on the waitlist in August and the SA has been indicating I’d get an allocation in late Winter/Early Spring. Got a call yesterday and got an allocation already with estimated production sometime around January 1! Nice surprise, for sure. Here’s the build… pretty much...
  13. mcdermottm

    Optimistic delivery estimate and Sport Design Side Skirts

    Hi, all. First post here since reading posts for a few months. I placed an order with my local Central Florida Porsche dealer in August for a RWD. The salesman has twice guestimated the delivery to come sometime late Winter/early Spring which seems to go against many of the wait times I’ve seen...