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  1. OzzieT

    Spot the mismatch?

    Delighted my GTS is in production and to receive the production photos. But can you spot the mismatch in this screenshot from Track Your Dream?
  2. OzzieT

    Stuttgart to Sydney...and beyond

    Greetings TF buddies, Content is the life of the TF so my plan is to bring you a soup to nuts, or should I say a Gulaschsuppe to Macadamia nut narrative, of my new car from factory to dealer…and beyond. While I ordered a new GTS back in March, I only received the news a couple of weeks ago...
  3. OzzieT

    Supply status letter and gift

    Last week I received a package in the mail, which was a letter and this etched picture of a Taycan, included in the box were a couple of metal feet so the the picture can be stood vertically on a surface. The letter reinforces that not even Porsche Australia know when they are going to get...
  4. OzzieT

    Delivery dates

    Recently placed an order for a Taycan, interested to know from other Australian members who have older orders info on your delivery dates and how they are moving. Thanks.