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  1. Leawood CT

    Apple Maps via Carplay Now Supports EV Charging for Taycan

    Yes, speed check does mean a police officer is sitting catching speeders. I just experienced that popping up in my Apple Maps as I drove from Wichita to KC early this morning. It saved me. The KS State Trooper had a rather tricked out looking Dodge Challenger, which was pretty cool. Probably...
  2. Leawood CT

    My New 2023 HV Battery Has Finally Arrived!

    Congrats to getting your car back! Gentian Blue with those slightly darker wheels really looks great. Having the car being able to move around again is a real plus for you!
  3. Leawood CT

    Are you also susceptible to marketing that makes you crave cars that would be awful in reality?

    Yes, I feel absolutely the same way, and have fallen more than once to my car "wants" combined with sexy marketing. I watched the Porsche video for the Spyder RS. It looks fantastic! In my mind, the silly little wind cover would work great and is super easy to take on and off (sarcasm). One time...
  4. Leawood CT


    I agree that some folks would rent out so that others could enjoy, for at least a short time, an 812 Superfast for instance without having to part with $500k for to buy one. That is wonderful they do that! I still believe most are looking for money to try and pay for their supercar, which is...
  5. Leawood CT


    My guess would be that a lot of the folks renting out their Ferraris and Maclarens on Turo are desperate to make some money on it as they are coming to grips with the extremely high cost of owning a supercar. That desperation would lead to bad decisions. If you can comfortably afford the ongoing...
  6. Leawood CT

    Porsche wrecked in crash on A6 in Preston and driver 'dealt with'

    The Taycan is a great sports car, but a "Supercar"? Seems like a stretch.
  7. Leawood CT

    Sports Chrono Simple Improvement

    Agreed on it looking like a wart on the dash. On my 911, I ordered it without the sports chrono and then had the dealer add the sports chrono software, PCM stuff, and buttons. That way I got all the sporty software and bits without the chrono part on the dash!
  8. Leawood CT

    Do you guys pay markup or MSRP for your Taycan?

    I purchased my 22 CT4 in Nov 21 at MSRP. I did not order as I purchased a car that was already built and halfway across the Atlantic on its way to the Baltimore port. I received the car in Dec 21. The first dealer I talked to about an in stock car wanted $20k over. The second one I talked to...
  9. Leawood CT

    All Taycan deliveries being held at port due to needing new heaters

    I had my 911 in for service last week and while there asked my service advisor about the heaters on the Taycans as mine has been fine so far. He said that they are going out quicker in colder climates so that it must be a usage issue. Therefore, I would guess it would just be longer until it...
  10. Leawood CT

    Matching Chairs :)

    No they are not cheap chairs! You win for bear hauling distance as I only lugged mine back from Breckinridge CO (guy selling them on the side of the road) to Kansas City back in 1992.
  11. Leawood CT

    Matching Chairs :)

    Nice! I have heard of XChair and that they are supposed to be very comfortable. Please post again in a few days if the chair is as comfortable as advertised. Also, since a slow day, I will post that my bear is bigger than your bear. 🐻
  12. Leawood CT

    Final decision on wheels

    That is a tough one. I went with Satin Black, however both look great and work on Neptune Blue. Truly don't think you go wrong with either. Hopefully once your order is in everything goes quickly for you!
  13. Leawood CT

    Front Bumper Recall in USA

    Ah, good point and hopefully you are correct.
  14. Leawood CT

    Front Bumper Recall in USA

    "This will be done at NO COST TO YOU." Well, there will be the cost of having PPF put back on the new front bumper. I am sure Porsche will not cover that if you had it on the original bumper.
  15. Leawood CT

    Rear camera washer stopped to work

    On my Mercedes, when the water reservoir gets to low the front washers will still work, but the rear one will quit working even though the pump is still working on the rear. So maybe top up the reservoir and see if that resolves the issue?
  16. Leawood CT

    Reasons NOT to spec the noise/thermal glass option!

    My sister just purchased a 2023 Jeep Wrangler. Its front windshield is made of Gorilla Glass. That would be a neat option to have on the Taycan, or any car for that matter.
  17. Leawood CT

    after delivery add on

    Suncoast ( has the electric sport sound on sale for $599.95. Dealer installation is required. The regular price is $705.06. My dealer will normally match Suncoast prices, so check with your local dealer first.
  18. Leawood CT

    Sport Sound Owners - Do You Use It Most of the Time?

    A lot of little kids running around my neighborhood, so I have it on most of the time for safety. Also, I think it sounds great and do enjoy it.
  19. Leawood CT

    Introducing my '23 Stealth Taycan GTS ( XPEL Stealth PPF on the whole vehicle + 2 gloss stripes on hood)

    Absolutely beautiful car and very nicely done on the combination stealth and gloss ppf. Enjoy it!!
  20. Leawood CT

    Chatbot GPT - hmmm I'm going to have to give up the forums

    I had forgot about WOPR! Thermonuclear war anyone?