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  1. Requirements for driving in France…

    @Sidicks If you order Emovis tag it comes with a uk sticker. Just stick it on your back window and remove when you’re back in the uk.
  2. Requirements for driving in France…

    I went in February. 100% for the Emovis tag. Breathalysers are no longer required. Fluro jackets for every person in the vehicle. You also have to carry your V5 and valid MOT. Passport for each occupant Driving License Insurance Valid Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
  3. Official Vancouver Taycan Owners Thread

    Used to live in Vancouver. Does that count :rolleyes:
  4. What would you do?

    Does cost come into your decision making? If buying on a PCP does the mileage and/or model year affect the GMV and therefore make one cost less than the other?
  5. 16 months, 5 days later... Taycan GTS ST. Volcano Grey delivered

    Congratulations! Nice car/spec. Enjoy👍🏼
  6. Comfort Entry

    Going back to comments on not locking cars stored in garages, etc. I believe here in the UK, if the car isn’t locked when stolen then the insurer won’t pay out. Being in a locked garage makes no odds. Regarding comfort entry; current vehicles, Mercedes and Landrover, both have this feature and...
  7. Parking in Liverpool

    This one is modern, always has spaces and is across the road from ACC. I would be happy leaving my Taycan there for 4 days. Q-Park Liverpool ONE 35 Strand Street Liverpool L1 8LT Don't confuse with the other very close by Q-Park. Book here...
  8. Taycan GTS ST Color

    Ice grey for me especially with black accents.
  9. Car P0rn: drone footage through the Posche Museum

    Wonder how many takes it took before making that perfect pass 😂
  10. Got my 2023 GTS Taycan

    Does everyone ordering a new Porsche get to watch it go through the production line in this way or do you have to pay extra?
  11. First post - New or used Taycan?

    Thanks. I should have mentioned in my original post that I’m self employed so salary sacrifice isn’t an option for me. However, buying a new EV in the UK allows you to expense the full cost in year one relative to your percentage business use. So if I bought a £100k Taycan I would save £30k in...
  12. First post - New or used Taycan?

    Thanks. Yeah, I understand if you want certain options, especially exterior colour and interior trim options, you’re going to need to order new. Fortunately, I’ve never felt the need to deviate from standard colours and trim. I guess I have boring taste. But as you say, this will mean finding a...
  13. First post - New or used Taycan?

    Hi, thanks. I’ve been looking through the used Taycan on Porsche’s website and see there’s a lot of choice. I was very surprised at much how highly optioned models depreciated compared to light optioned. There’s a nice Turbo at the moment for just over £80k and, minimum final payment of £60k...
  14. First post - New or used Taycan?

    Hi all, First post on this forum. I’m from the UK and looking to purchase my next car. I’m currently in a lease car that I had to take when Covid hit and I’m stuck with it until May ‘24. This gives me 12 months to sort my next car which is about the time I usually take to do so including build...