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  1. whitex

    💰Things are going up! More price increases TL;DR: Porsche announces 4%-8% price increases across the entire lineup Or are they borrowing a page from Elon's marketing, threatening price increases to get people to place orders and not cancel orders stuck due to lack of heaters?
  2. whitex

    Front camera virtual swivel, any way to disable it?

    Is there any way to disable the front camera image swiveling whenever I turn my steering wheel? While I'm sure it sounded like a great idea to some MBA marketing guys, because it looks cool, it actually takes away from the functionality. Anyone know of a way to disable it?
  3. whitex

    Any way to tell real-time which gear the Taycan is in?

    I'm trying to track down a whining noise at 50mph, and it might be related to which gear the Taycan rear transmission happens to be in? Is there any way to get the Taycan to display which gear the rear is in?
  4. whitex

    Why you should not scrutinize rang/SoC numbers too hard

    I unplugged my car to go pickup something at the store. It was at 85% SoC, as per general profile I keep. I drove 3 miles according to the trip report, managed 1.7miles/KWh, so should have used 1.76KWh, but after coming back home, the car's SoC is now showing 86% (and charging does not kick in...
  5. whitex

    Taking apart side markers

    Anyone ever taken apart the side Taycan markers? Is it even possible or are they glued permanently? I'm curious because I just noticed that the transparent plastic on the orange ones is actually orange in color, which means perhaps the reflector inside is clear/white, rather than orange. My...
  6. whitex

    PSA: Don't fully trust the 3D surround vision

    Ever since I got my Taycan, one of the few disappointments had been the backup camera system. The backup camera itself is horrible compared even to some cars which cost 1/10th the price! The 3D surround vision seems very unreliable, as I've seen things move on the 3D representation which have...
  7. whitex

    Door handle does not detect touch?

    I've experienced the car unlocking itself right after locking, but recently I noticed the door handles sometimes will not present when I touch the driver's door handle, even if the key is right next to the handle. Keeping the key at the front door handle, but touching the rear door handle with...
  8. whitex

    Apps often says windows are open

    Since I got my Taycan, the phone app keeps telling me my windows are open. Typically it tells me rear left/right windows are open, even though those are almost never used (I haven't had ANY passengers on the back yet, only had the car for a month). Opening and closing both rear doors fixes it...
  9. whitex

    Is Porsche using cheap materials?

    I've had my Taycan a month, 4K miles, my headlights look more beat-up (small pits all over0 than a 5 year old Tesla with 50K miles on it, with which it shares the garage. My 8 year old Tesla I just sold had headlights in a better shape! Has Porsche always used this low of a durability headlights...
  10. whitex

    Cross Country in a Cross Turismo

    20 months after putting down an initial deposit for the Taycan Turbo Cross Turismo, I finally picked it up. It wasn’t at the original dealership, as the wait list there was not moving very fast, so I quickly expanded my search to nationwide. Over a year later (after talking with more dealers...
  11. whitex

    PSA: Buying a Taycan from warm climate, then taking it into winter

    Just a little warning for those who are considering having your car delivered to a dealer or experience center in a warm climate, then take it home somewhere where temperatures fall below 0C (32F). Porsche ships non-anti-freeze windshield washer fluid for PDI to dealers in warm climates, so if...
  12. whitex

    No LTE in garage, cannot preheat car via app :-( (RESOLVED)

    So I finally confirmed my fears, there is no Verizon coverage inside my garage with its door closed. This means the app cannot connect to the car if I for example want to pre-heat it. It is one of my primary usecases for the app. :( Did anyone find any way (besides moving to Russia, where...
  13. whitex

    Faint high pitch noise

    I speced noise insulated glass because I wanted to enjoy driving in silence. However, I noticed recently that there is faint, high pitch noise inside my Taycan, reminding me of transformer coil whine, if I was to estimate it is somewhere around 14KHz in pitch (so pretty high). I am not sure...
  14. whitex

    Switching wheels+tires, anything special needed for TPMS?

    I am going to switch between winter and summer tires. Both sets have Porsche TPMS installed. Once switched, anything special that I need to do to make the car read the new set of tire pressures, or will it just work?
  15. whitex

    How to associate suspension level with driving mode

    I only picked up my Taycan a week ago, and just realized that suspension height doesn't seem to associate with the driving mode. For example, the car is in Normal mode and at Regular height. I then switch to Sport mode, car stays at same height. I then switch the car to Low height (while in...
  16. whitex

    Linking Electrify America account to Porsche

    Quick question to US owners, did you have to create an EA account and somehow link it for the Porsche 3 year free charging, or did Porsche do it for you (or maybe send you an invite link to create an EA account linked to Porsche)? Or how do you access Porsche 3 year free charging from EA app?
  17. whitex

    Best road trip / route planners

    I am planning a long road trip, so I figured I would ask the community: What are your favorite route planners to use on road trips? I come from Tesla, so I'm spoiled, as the built-in system does a great job planning routes, showing all the information one needs about charger locations, their...
  18. whitex

    New 20" Continental ProContact RX (all-season) tires [SOLD]

    I have a set of brand new Continental ProContact RX tires available for local pickup around Charleston, SC. The tires just came off a brand new Taycan as I swapped them for winter tires for some cross country travel. DM me if interested. Limited time window (shipping out this weekend).
  19. whitex

    February 2023 deliveries

    [Adding a February delivery thread, now that January is coming to an end.] My car was originally scheduled for mid December last year, but is currently on the Supreme Ace, scheduled to offload in Jacksonville on 2/3. The ship appears to have passed the point where last year about the same time...
  20. whitex

    Where to download a Taycan manual?

    I used to be able to My Porsche online and under my car there is link to the user manual: however clicking it today me to this message: I made sure I was logged in, still forbidden from viewing the manual. Which brings me to my question: is there anywhere I can download a user manual for a...