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  1. Pedroski66

    Tires: All Season/Winter vs. Summer/Winter

    21" Summer. They are Pzero's actually...difficult to type anything other than Michelin, those are on the old A6 20" Winter. If I were in full time winter location, I'd maybe go a bit let tire than currently running at 245f/285r 20". Best 👍
  2. Pedroski66

    Taycan 4S vs GTS

    GTS 4 me♥️
  3. Pedroski66

    911 to Taycan?

    Tested a Turbo S CT and ultimately went with a 22 GTS ST. No regrets with the "goldilocks" Taycan. 10K miles since delivery in late December 22 on winter/ski set-up and now rolling on summer tires. Enjoy!
  4. Pedroski66

    CT Bike Rack For Sale

    Hey Zotz, can you send an image of your bike rack? Thanks! Peter
  5. Pedroski66

    16 months, 5 days later... Taycan GTS ST. Volcano Grey delivered

    Rear rattle may be from the tray supports in the 22 gts st had a little rattle & it's been eliminated 😀
  6. Pedroski66

    Tires: All Season/Winter vs. Summer/Winter

    Hey Jerry, pretty much satisfied with them. I made the switch to non-studded Nokian Hakkapeliittas with my old A6 wagon and an i3s, and they are great! Ran studs for years and the slight drop in hard ice performance is more than made up for with noise reduction and the 98% of my winter driving...
  7. Pedroski66

    Tires: All Season/Winter vs. Summer/Winter

    I have 3 sets. 1. Summer Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 2 Michelin Pilot Sport AS 3. Winter Nokian Hakkapeliitta R5 If you have the room and a floor jack you'll be set for yesrs
  8. Pedroski66

    Rear Cargo Partition for Taycan Cross and Sport Turismo Models $250.00

    I'm interested in the partition if it's still available. Thanks, Peter