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  1. DES_MX

    Will there be a major PCM upgrade like 2022 update.

    For sure there will be update(s), but as the functionality and stability matures, these will not be major releases. Unless Porsche decides a UI/UX refresh across the range
  2. DES_MX

    Taycan is built tough!! (Inadvertent speed bump test)

    CT is no different I believe also 30kmh afaik
  3. DES_MX

    Taycan is built tough!! (Inadvertent speed bump test)

    I put mine on high or lift when entering residential areas (the ones with nasty bumps). What you can also do is hit gravel mode - it will lift right to high (if you need this super quick) or hotkey the lift mode.
  4. DES_MX

    Taycan depreciation

    Depends which model and if you bought under MSRP. If you buy the mid-spec base CT, I'm sure it'll hold value like crazy. Got mine 1 day before the price increase (March one) and with another price increase imminent (4%-8% as stated), plus the dealer discount I got, probably looking at...
  5. DES_MX


    these are some crazy prices in Australia... in Netherlands €1632 / year, and that's steep compared to my other cars. But also no crazy conditions like listed here (i.e. you can park anywhere you like any time any EU country) and also the excess is like €500 and €125 on the glass
  6. DES_MX

    Question about PDLS+ headlights

    Truth is the standard LED already come with PDLS+ & can be activated through FOD (hardware is there). The matrix ones are even better indeed, but need to be allowed by local regulations. But I can tell you something - I've had laser lights on my BMW and on the Porsche the basic LED (yet to...
  7. DES_MX

    Cross turismo claddings

    you can take it to the paint shop and spray paint it simply in body color. The only issue it will be more expensive to replace if it gets damaged + the $$ to paint it initially. Personally I really like the rugged look, on my Mamba Green at least - it goes well with the raised height. On another...
  8. DES_MX

    Second guessing your order?

    The car is so awesome that even with the base spec you’d love it (honestly). Having exterior / interior / comfort options you like & will actually use helps of course. Keep in mind many software options are available after purchase. Do spec the ACC, it allows you later to enable innodrive and...
  9. DES_MX

    Questions from a Tesla Owner

    Interesting that some questions were answered a bit one-sided. Here's my take, as new Taycan CT4 owner and previosuly owned M3P (among other cars): 1. At least in Cross Turismo rear seat leg room is fine, I'd say on par with M3P. 2. Tesla network is convenient, but at least in EU (maybe US...
  10. DES_MX

    Should I wait for the 2024 Taycan?

    1. No facelift for MY24, it’s already published in the configurator in most regions. Only a 5K€++ price increase. 2. The current Taycan is by far not outdated. I switched from i4 M50 and prior to that from 2022 M3 Performance - both very efficient, very fast (acceleration, DC charging) cars -...
  11. DES_MX

    Taycan RWD or 4CT?

    CT4 for sure is faster & more practical, tested both and now driving the CT4 daily. Since you went RWD route - that’s probably not “worse”, just different pros - lower consumption and longer range for example
  12. DES_MX

    2020 Taycans still a good buy?

    Not sure if something changed in the PCM hardware but all the earlier models (including the ones updated to latest firmware) show quite some lag when operating the PCM (as seen from literally all the review videos). At least in the 2023 model I have 0 lag and the system is extremely responsive -...
  13. DES_MX

    Expected Communication from the Dealership

    where did you order? Porsche Amsterdam? I had pretty negative experience with them and actually didn't order with them, instead went with Porsche Leusden - had a pretty good experience there, although I did have to chase them a couple of times, but always got reply within 1-2 days. p.s. the...
  14. DES_MX

    Taycan Prices vs. Competition

    You might want to get the base taycan (RWD or 4 if going CT) - these will probably hold value a bit better. Compared to other brands though, all of them pretty much increased the pricing. Well configured i4 M50 is close to €95K EQE (the sportier ones EQE43 or EQE 500 and up) are 110K+ (once...
  15. DES_MX

    Sudden drop in power consumption

    Your car probably started to deploy regen. When new it doesn’t regen - needs to break in the brakes; once that’s done regen kicks in fully and consumption drops. I have mine exactly a week and same thing happened
  16. DES_MX

    Taycan4 MY23 - Connect Store - FOD missing

    Thanks for the info, i guess I’ll just wait a bit indeed. I remember last Xmas there was even a higher discount if I’m not mistaken, like 25% or so, therefore I am not in a hurry (assuming discount applies to subscription fees as well). Also what’s interesting is that it seems I have Comfort...
  17. DES_MX

    Taycan4 MY23 - Connect Store - FOD missing

    So I've been lurking on this forum for quite a while, patiently awaiting delivery. Yesterday finally my Mamba Green CT4 (apparently nowdays rare color) was delivered. Since then I've already resolved many topics (like regen that needed some time to break in), but something I still might require...