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  1. Wider tires on 21" Mission E wheels

    Interesting topic. I was initially going to say that the larger 28+" diameters may cause an issue compared to the stock 27.3". However, I just swapped from 21" all seasons to 20" winters (OEM wheels and tire specs) and the tire was noticeably larger and filled the wheel well more than my...
  2. Ready for winter

    Porsche tequipment winter wheels and tires. Ready for the colder weather!
  3. Canadian Taycans - general discussion.

    Ready for winter! Prepped and ceramic coated the wheels last night prior to mounting. Thanks to my team at Porsche Centre Vancouver (@HCPro) for getting me setup for the colder months. I'm very pleased with the look of these 20s on my car. Definitely need spacers with these wheels! I have...
  4. Canadian Taycans - general discussion.

    My charger also connected OK. Strange. My headlights are off during the day, only the array of 4 rectangles are on. At night, if I manually turn off the headlights, they will automatically come back on at the 20-25 km/h or so, as you have described. Probably a safety feature.
  5. 21 inch wheels on 4S

    @bosch88 - I do not have specific information about this setup, as I have Mission E wheels on my 4S with PSCB. However, I have changed wheels on all of my previous P-cars, OEM wheels and and aftermarket, original sizes and larger, without any issues or potential grief when in for service. A...
  6. Canadian Taycans - general discussion.

    As far as I know, the chargers out front are level 2 at both Vancouver and Langley.
  7. No more finger prints! - Idee Miller

    Measure the trapezoid dimensions, and pre-cut with an exacto-knife. The sides are straight. If you are in doubt of your measurements, cut a piece of paper first to test-fit, which you can then use to cut your film. However, the rear seat screen is NOT a straight-edge, as I found out the hard way!
  8. Adding a second user. Solved.

    OMG. Search is my friend. I've been trying to figure this out for a month!!!
  9. What are you paying for electricity per kWh?

    Provider: BC Hydro Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. CAD $0.14/kWh = US $0.104/kWh Unfortunately, no off-peak hours and rates are available yet.
  10. Canadian Taycans - general discussion.

    I think we would see much higher rates of charge when we are below 50%. I found that once the battery is above 50%, it throttles down to about 100kW.
  11. Canadian Taycans - general discussion.

    Same for me, Mission E wheels for the A/S, and I've ordered the 20" Porsche winter wheel set.
  12. Winter Driving First Impressions

    Thanks for letting us know what to expect when the snow falls. Reaffirms my decision for a winter wheel and tire setup. That is some serious snow for October 25th!
  13. Canadian Taycans - general discussion.

    Thanks Henry. I "P"ark, then hold Power to shut down. Exit vehicle. Close door. Turn around immediately, put finger on the sensor. You are correct, it seems like it's thinking about what's happening with this door, because if it doesn't work, I will move to the rear door and make the next...
  14. Taycan Wheel Torque / Lug Nut Torque

    They should have a chart for reference, but aside from that, you now know it's 118. Same torque spec for other recent Porsche models, so Discount Tire shouldn't have any issue to simply adjust their torque wrench. Assuming you're going for the P-Zeros?
  15. Canadian Taycans - general discussion.

    Hi Henry @HCPro , good to see you in here! The Taycan is amazing so far, and we're loving it. My Porsche entry and drive function for locking the car is not very sensitive. I have to hold my finger on the sensor/notch on the handles for a significant period of time, or repeatedly for the car...
  16. Tinting Windows

    Tint completed. 50% all around, except the front windshield. It's just right for me!
  17. No more finger prints! - Idee Miller

    I got this: I managed to use the two pieces to cover the center console, main screen, and rear screens. And yes, it is large enough to cover the entire area on the center console. However, for the main...
  18. Charging clock doesn’t match car clock

    OMG thanks. Now I feel like an idiot. Problem solved! Thanks so much.
  19. Charging clock doesn’t match car clock

    I have a strange issue. the clock that is shown when plugged in that says “Battery charged at x:xx” is incorrect. However, my car clock is correct. As you can see in my photo, it say my car started charging at 3:43pm, but it is only 3:02pm. anyone else have this issue?? Ideas to correct...
  20. Canadian Taycans - general discussion.

    Really great info Marco, thanks for this! We should really change this thread to BC Taycan Chat.