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  1. MY2020 - LTE Failure - update

    Yes, I pulled both. I'm not sure if it was necessary to pull both; I did pull the fuse in Row A first and that didn't seem to do it so I pulled both and that did the trick. It's possible you only need to pull the one in row C but I didn't try that.
  2. MY2020 - LTE Failure - update

    I had this problem happen to me as well earlier in May. I waited a few days for it to resolve, and then at the suggestion of my SA I pulled the fuses for "Control unit for wireless data transmission (LHD vehicles)" and then reinstalled them a few minutes later. This seems to have done it but...
  3. Taycan POV at PECLA track

    I visited PECLA a couple of years ago for this same experience which was awesome! Well worth the price.
  4. Long term Taycan owners: Are you still enjoying the car every day? Does it still feel special?

    I have had my 2020 4s since December 2020, and also love it. My biggest long term complaint with it is how far back the seat is relative to the b pillar. This makes getting out a bit harder for me (I'm 6'2 and somewhat large - if anyone knows a good solution I'm all ears) but was a price I was...
  5. Need Advice on PPF and Car Washing for the Unwashed

    I went with partial PPF on my 2020 4s and have been really happy with it; the car has a ceramic coat from PFS (a shop local to me.) I always try and remember to ask the dealer to not wash my car. I do it myself usually at a self-serve car wash because I live in an apartment complex and don't...
  6. VOLCANO GREY Taycan Club

    I think the satin look is actually really nice on Volcano Grey, but there's so many satin grey cars (especially Mercs) in SoCal that I don't feel like it's a special mod anymore.
  7. Charging ettiquette - Unplugging another car

    Yeah the station would need a hardware change to unlock itself (motorized tabs or something)- just one more thing to go wrong with already complicated stations. Free stalls could work this way too, if someone figures out the hardware. Until then, there's not much we can do short of encouraging...
  8. Charging ettiquette - Unplugging another car

    I agree something needs to be done around common courtesy here... Its interesting to see I'm in the minority, at least in this one poll. One solution I would be ok with would be for the charging station to automatically stop charging and unlock itself from the car after a set period, that way...
  9. Charging ettiquette - Unplugging another car

    Personally, I think idle fees are a great deterrent. Sometimes I think they aren't high enough.
  10. Charging ettiquette - Unplugging another car

    Then in my opinion a wait is your only option, and I would suffer that wait if I had to. When the person returns I would politely ask them not to hog the charger in the future. I don't think touching someone else's property, or risking damaging it, is worth the cost. There are always other options.
  11. Charging ettiquette - Unplugging another car

    I think it's a risk to unplug someone's car, or stop it charging. It's not really worth the potential confrontation, and I feel like it's pretty rude to do it. I personally will try and wake up early enough to get to a charger before they're in use, if I need to make sure the car is charged...
  12. LOUD screeching noise front left wheel

    It does sound like something got caught between the caliper/disc or as mikeyyn said, behind the shield (I would guess a rock). When you say "back off to let a truck by" do you mean reversing a bit to make space? If so, yes, this is probably what freed up whatever was caught.
  13. Front license plate mount - what do you use?

    This is a pretty common topic on just about any automotive forum. There's a lot of good options out there. Most folks here seem to swear by the Sto'n'sho solution. I personally use Rho-Plate but this was trickier to adjust so it wouldn't trigger the parking sensors (it still does from time to...
  14. Turmoil at VW: Porsches Postponed by Buggy Software Cost VW’s CEO His Job

    Yeah, I agree, sorry I misunderstood what you meant. I'm personally more worried about being on what is effectively gen 1 of mass BEV adoption. I think my car will lose more money to hardware obsolescence than anything else
  15. Turmoil at VW: Porsches Postponed by Buggy Software Cost VW’s CEO His Job

    This has to happen eventually. You can't support old hardware forever, even Apple drops support for old hardware at some point. My expectation though is that by the time Porsche does move on from gen1 taycan hardware, the software will be in a good and reliable state. On the topic of the...
  16. Does anyone have mobile app issue?

    Assuming they haven't lost the computer underneath someone's desk
  17. Deposit placed for RS E-Tron GT

    Oh very nice, sorry I didn't see that at first. Now I kind of want to trade up my 2020 for a shot at a PTS slot... not sure I want to wait that long for a car though :)
  18. Deposit placed for RS E-Tron GT

    Wow, what a fantastic colour too! Congrats on the new car :)
  19. ANA 6 recall : dealers not able to apply?

    I had the same problem with ANA 5 (the wiring harness recall under the seat). I'm rather annoyed with Porsche - if the remedy isn't ready don't ask us to book appointments with dealers. They are busy enough as is without frivolous appointments taking up time. I also asked about ANA6 and was...
  20. Charging in Canada for American Taycan owners

    I'd recommend looking at something like plugshare to find out what charging services are available in Toronto ( and where). I'm pretty sure Chargepoint is there and Petro Canada has ev charging along the TransCanada Highway. The EV infrastructure in Canada is generally not as well built out as...