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  1. Mac_Gaz

    Things are warming up! Porsche Taycan production to rise as heater supply improves

    Must be still fitting the same, unfit for purpose, heaters as mine has just failed again. Five weeks after being replaced (following a 10 week wait). It’s beyond funny now.
  2. Mac_Gaz

    Heater broken. My turn.

    Heater replaced 5 weeks ago with supposed “updated” part. New heater failed this morning. It’s infuriating! Porsche need to be a bit more open regarding this problem and what they are doing to get it sorted. What is the point of replacing parts with parts that are simply going to fail again...
  3. Mac_Gaz

    Taycan optimal driving speed chart

    Top job, very interesting. Thank you for sharing. 👍
  4. Mac_Gaz

    Too many Taycans for sale??

    Thank you for the continued words of wisdom. Regardless of the breakdown/reasons/what-evers, I was simply highlighting potential personal loss. Also, I’m in the UK where we use £s not $s.
  5. Mac_Gaz

    Too many Taycans for sale??

    I’ve owned and traded cars from BMW, Audi, Merc and Porsche through to Fords and more general marques. Never have I seen anywhere near a 20/30% fall on the two-month ownership of a car. Especially when looking to trade up with the same dealer. Like someone else said in the thread, the prices...
  6. Mac_Gaz

    Too many Taycans for sale??

    I’m well aware of depreciation and at present it’s very high on the Taycan in the UK. I was using my example to highlight this. I bought a USED 4S two months ago, I tried to trade up to a used Turbo with two separate dealers. First dealer offered me £20k less than what I paid, second dealer £30k...
  7. Mac_Gaz

    Too many Taycans for sale??

    I think you are missing my point. The loss I’m referring to is how much money I spent less how much money I’d receive back. Regardless of VAT, dealer extras, or any other fees. The two amounts I quoted in my original post reflect how much I’d be personally losing if I upgraded my 4S. In any...
  8. Mac_Gaz

    Too many Taycans for sale??

    VAT doesn’t make any difference to the amount of personal loss. Whether you include VAT or not, it’s still a ridiculous amount of money to lose in two months. I didn’t over-spec it, it was a used car. Plus, I didn’t plan to “flip” the car, when I bought it, I just had my head turned after...
  9. Mac_Gaz

    Getting Unlooped

    Northern Powergrid refused to unloop me unless I paid the full amount for the work (thousands). My electrician did a full survey and calculated maximum use. Charger is backed down to 6kw and has a load sensor fitted which lowers the draw even further if the overall supply load goes too high. To...
  10. Mac_Gaz


    Has anyone thought about the lost/waisted time on warranty and other subscriptions such as Porsche Tracker, Porsche charging and other Porsche connect services? if cars are going to be held at dealerships awaiting parts for 30 days plus (which is what I was quoted yesterday) then will they give...
  11. Mac_Gaz

    We are famous: "Porsche Taycan heater fix confirmed for owners left in the cold"

    Thought I’d escaped. No such luck, heater failed yesterday. (UK 2021 4S) Waiting for dealer to give me current ETA for parts as there’s no way I’m being without the car for the timescales I’m currently reading about.