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  1. Things are warming up! Porsche Taycan production to rise as heater supply improves

    Has anyone in the US received the updated heater repair? I have been waiting for about 6 weeks.
  2. Maryland to Florida in a CT4S

    The number of charging stops, 12, surprised me. We drove our 2021 4S sedan with 20” all season tires from Fort Lauderdale to Washington DC last July. We left Fort Lauderdale with a nearly full battery and stopped to charge 5 times (I just confirmed my memory of the number of stops in the...
  3. Heater broken. My turn.

    I have joined the crowd with a heater failure in my ‘21 4S. I think I even answered a recent poll here saying I was not affected!! I called the selling dealer, they said they were not scheduling new appointments for Taycans until JUNE!!!! I called another local dealer and have an appointment...
  4. DC Area Taycan Meetup/Drive

    I would be interested in joining with my '21 4S. John
  5. Who has experience going from Taycan Sedan to Taycan Cross Turismo?

    Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts. I have decided to delay any decision on switching to a CT pending the introduction of the Taycan mid-cycle refresh, whenever that may occur. EV technology is advancing rapidly, so I want to see what is new for the Taycan and possibly the Macan EV...
  6. Who has experience going from Taycan Sedan to Taycan Cross Turismo?

    My 4S sedan is ice grey👍 I’m curious how you chose to sell the first two if you are willing to share. Trade, private sell, something else?
  7. Who has experience going from Taycan Sedan to Taycan Cross Turismo?

    We have two friends who are both 6'+. They rode with us on a day trip into the countryside for lunch recently. They did not complain, but headroom was seriously compromised and I felt a bit guilty on asking them to ride in back of the sedan.
  8. Who has experience going from Taycan Sedan to Taycan Cross Turismo?

    Agree on test drive, but CTs (new or used) are hard to find in stock at local dealers. When my 4S sedan arrived in April 2021 the CT has just been announced in the US. It seemed to make a lot more sense for an everyday useable car and I almost refused my ordered 4S to place an order for a CT...
  9. Who has experience going from Taycan Sedan to Taycan Cross Turismo?

    I have a '21 Taycan 4S Sedan. I love the car, but find its utility limiting with regard to the rear seat comfort for driving with friends (e.g., taking two adult friends who are both about 6' tall on trips to dinner or road trips) and for luggage space/hauling capacity. This means the car often...
  10. PEC ATL delivery then returning to CT via charging network too risky?

    We drove our 21 4S from Fort Lauderdale to Washington DC last spring with no problems. We had 5 charging stops, all on EA. All EA locations were at Walmart or Sam’s Club locations and generally within a couple of miles of I95. Having the chargers near stores was convenient as they have...
  11. Taycan 4S owner in Meursault a forum member?

    Vacationing in Burgundy and saw this 4S parked in the center of town today. Made me wonder if the owner is a forum member?
  12. US- Secondary User - Access to Porsche charging service no-charge 30 min?

    Can the secondary user simply call EA customer support to initiate the free charge?
  13. Really, How long for service?

    Based on your location, you may be referring to the Tyson’s location. My 4S has been there for over a week without being touched because they only have one technician. Now I will need to decide whether to pick up the car without getting the recalls and updates completed and reschedule or leave...
  14. "System Meltdown - DC Fast Charging in America" - Video by Kyle of Out of Spec

    Kyle’s videos’ used to be interesting, now they are too long and mostly rants to gain views. I rarely find any of his videos worth the time to watch.
  15. Any Maryland members here?

    Thanks for that insight. My service advisor told me that one of their two qualified Taycan techs had recently left and that created the backlog. The same thing happened to me at Tysons for one of the earlier software updates/recalls that required a service visit. Again, I scheduled an...
  16. Any Maryland members here?

    I’m in DC, so close to MD. Purchased 4S from Tysons April 21. Have used them for service. Mostly underwhelmed. They seem to chronically have only one certified Taycan technician. Scheduling an appointment is easy, but meaningless as the car sits on their lot waiting to get into the service bay...
  17. Taycan and Amtrak Autotrain

    My post was for round trip. I checked our records since we have used the train three times so far this year. In January we had two sleeper cabins plus a standard car and priority offloading for $1440. In hindsight that appears to have been a great deal. That trip was one way traveling north...
  18. Taycan and Amtrak Autotrain

    Finally getting around to posting about my experience on the first leg of our journey on the AutoTrain with the Taycan. We have taken the AutoTrain before, but that was with our BMW X5. I was a bit more nervous taking our 2021 Taycan 4S, but decided to give it a try. Here are some...
  19. Taycan and Amtrak Autotrain

    Today is our trip from Lorton to Sanford. The incoming train was 2 hours late this morning, so check in for the outbound train was a mess. We waited 2 hours to get to check in. Temp today in Lorton 91F. Car was in eco mode for AC. Kept cabin comfortable with temp set at 70F. Used 6% of battery...