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  1. Basebull7

    “Electric” Designation on doors

    I’d like to get your thoughts about the “Electric” logo on the driver and passenger doors. Leave it or take it off?
  2. Basebull7

    Hubbel Receptacle Installed

    Well I installed a $100 Hubbel Receptacle on my connection and once again I’m getting the charging error. Cable was super hot 🥵. I have an appointment at my dealer next week to see what is going on.
  3. Basebull7

    Charging Error - won’t charge past 65 or 70%

    Well here we go. Car won’t charge past 65 or 70% and have to unplug and plug several times. I noticed the charging cable is super hot. It’s CPO you’d figure they would’ve seen this and fixed it. Ridiculous!
  4. Basebull7

    Charging Error At 82%

    Now for some reason my car stops charging at 82%. I have it set to 85% but it’s been 3 times now it stops. I have to unplug it and plug it back in to get to 85%. Any ideas?
  5. Basebull7

    Carbon fiber Lip Spoiler

    So I’ve been thinking of installing a low profile lip spoiler. I’m torn on whether to do it or not. I’m not a fan of those high wing even a stand out spoiler but something very subtle might look good. I’d like to see what you experts think. has anyone installed one? Pics? lastly, DC Carbon on...
  6. Basebull7

    Porsche wall charger cabinet parts

    Looking for parts for a wall cabinet Charger. Specifically the door latch catch. Pic below
  7. Basebull7

    Anyone applied Plasti Dip on Mission E Wheels ?

    Thinking of using clear finish Plasti dip on the painted section of my mission e wheels. Has anyone tried this?
  8. Basebull7

    Anyone averaging around 209 miles on 85% charge on Taycan Turbo?

    I understand the mileage varies when charging but just curious if anyone else is averaging around 209 miles with an 85% charge.
  9. Basebull7

    Wall Charger Cabinet Latch

    Does anyone know where I can get the small clip that inside the wall cabinet that latches the cover when it’s closed. Not the key latch. Picture below:
  10. Basebull7

    Regenerative Braking Setting

    curious to know if anyone drives with regen braking on all the time…or are there more appropriate times to turn it on vs other situations…thanks
  11. Basebull7

    How to check Taycan EV Battery Health

    Is there a function on the Taycan PCM to actually see the "Health Status" of EV Batteries? If so, what are the steps on the PCM Screen to see this? Thanks
  12. Basebull7

    Charging @ Public EA Station 2020 Taycan Turbo

    Just bought a 2020 Taycan Turbo and I've been reading that Plug and Charge wasn't available on the 2020's. The car came with 12 months of free charging....So instead of just "plugging in" when I drive up, what would my procedure be in order to take advantage of the 12 months of free charging? I...
  13. Basebull7

    Trade my Taycan Base for a new Corvette

    Am I crazy?
  14. Basebull7

    Installing Mission E Wheels on base Taycan

    Sorry for the redundant question but can Mission E wheels be installed on a base Taycan with aero turbo wheels?
  15. Basebull7

    Mileage Question

    So my Taycan is 2021 with 10,000 miles. I’ve noticed that my mileage at 85% charge has been dropping. Originally it was 235 miles now I’m getting 195. Can’t understand why it’s going down. I live in South Florida so cold weather is. It a factor. any help would be appreciated.
  16. Basebull7

    Major Update

    So I dropped off my Taycan at dealer and they have to keep for days because they said it’s a major update. I thought these cars updated over the air like Tesla?
  17. Basebull7

    Back window lowering on locking

    Has anyone had this issue when locking car with your thumb on the door handle, the back window slightly opens. If I lock car with my FOB it’s fine.
  18. Basebull7

    Rattling noise coming from passenger door

    I’ll make this quick…I have a 2021 Taycan and I am going crazy trying to find out where it’s coming from. It sounds like it’s coming from the passenger door right inside the molding underneath the window. It’s not the seatbelt, it’s not the seat, it’s not anything Loose rattling in the cup...
  19. Basebull7

    10 day Vacation Question - Leave Taycan Plugged In?

    Should I leave my Taycan plugged in for 10 days or not?
  20. Basebull7

    85% Charge Less Miles

    Looking for some expert guidance to understand why my miles on a charge of 85% are reducing. Car is 6 months old, I charge to 85% all the time and it has gone from 240 miles to 213. The weather in west palm is cool (50F) but not sure if this affects the charge. Thank you.