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  1. Levee

    PTS Gulf Orange Taycan

    Porsche had an a Gulf Orange GTS at Goodwood last year, might be the same one. The interior was a bit strong for me!
  2. Levee

    Minor Crash / Porsche Hatfield

    Appreciate the thought - but not working :rolleyes:
  3. Levee

    Minor Crash / Porsche Hatfield

    I just randomly logged into my Porsche app to see my Taycan has been charged to 100% by the workshop. It's been waiting 3 weeks for authorisation from the insurer (I wanted to use Porsche's approved workshop so the insurer has been painfully slow). I honestly have no idea how long it has been...
  4. Levee

    Minor Crash / Porsche Hatfield

    Thanks for the advice everyone. Car arrived at the bodyshop on Monday and they presently don't think there is chassis damage which is a big relief. However the Insurer is now saying it will be 18 days before their Engineer can look at the bodyshop's quote - eurrgghhh!
  5. Levee

    Minor Crash / Porsche Hatfield

    Painful photos below :crying::crying:
  6. Levee

    Minor Crash / Porsche Hatfield

    Thanks for the advice everyone it is appreciated. I spoke to Porsche earlier who said the car was being loaded onto the truck as I was speaking to them to go to the body shop so some relief there. I've also contacted the insurers today to get them prep'd for the repairs news :eek: Damage...
  7. Levee

    Minor Crash / Porsche Hatfield

    The beginning of the nightmare happened nearly a fortnight ago, my poor Taycan (I'm still very much heartbroken) slid out on a corner and hit a kerb on the front wheel. The tie rod to the wheel was buckled by the impact. The rear offside wheel made a much smaller impact with the kerb and was a...
  8. Levee


    My heater has just gone down too, seems an alarmingly common issue.... I don't know if it's related but I also got the red electrical warning tonight. It's cleared up and gone away for now (just driven the car for 40mins to get home). Does anyone know what is actually breaking in the heater...
  9. Levee

    UK Road Tax on EVs coming?

    I doubt this government will be around by April 2025 so we wait to see what happens. I don't totally agree that the HMRC are losing money on EVs, the larger upfront price drives up VAT revenues. The loss on fuel duties may ultimately be more sensibly replaced by road levies and congestion...
  10. Levee

    B-pillar option recommendations?

    If you're getting the race-tex roof liner it makes sense to go race-tex to minimise the differences in materials. However I have a 4S and could never bring myself to the plastic B Pillars. If the pillars were less prominent I would be less bothered. So I spec'd leather B Pillars and Sills...
  11. Levee

    Taycan 4S vs GTS

    Agreed with Okisbaba. Get a used Turbo if really in doubt! There's clearly contention over whether the GTS really offers huge performance benefit over a 4S. But the Turbo is unarguably a game changer. Love my 4S, it goes plenty fast enough and I used the extra money to get the options I...
  12. Levee

    Taycan Options Advice

    One of the things that is really quite special to this car and Porsche is that you can customise to make it "your" car and different to all the other Taycans out there - for this reason I went with a highly spec'd 4S (I did strongly consider the Turbo). I don't know, this is going to be a...
  13. Levee

    Country ID Plate/Sticker

    I was wondering how everyone else has gone around putting country ID (eg UK) stickers on their Taycans? Obviously not keen on using an actual sticker - horrified at the thought of it going on my mamba green paint! The panels seem to be ally (or at least my magnetic UK sticker from the AA...
  14. Levee

    Olea Club Leather worth it?

    Worth it, I didn't want all that plastic on the back of the seats (I also opted for the leather b-pillars). Definitely very happy with the premium feel inside the car ? I think the choice of interior though also depends on what colour interior you really want. The black olea is supposedly a bit...
  15. Levee

    Range Problem

    Try setting the aircon on lowest speed setting (just to stop misting etc), then switch on the heated steering wheel and seat as others have suggested. I had exactly the same problem, got Mission E's and pano roof - neither which help - but consistently on 0.4kW/mile now and not 0.5-0.6 by...
  16. Levee

    Standard LEDs vs. Matrix LEDs

    Having come from an A5 with Matrix LEDs - I know exactly what you mean, this was definitely a feature I wanted to keep. For those who don't understand it's not the same as auto dipping on the main beams but rather keeps full beam on whilst selectively switching off LEDs to create dark patches...
  17. Levee

    Anyone select the "Center Console Trim in Leather" option?

    I would love to see some photos of the end result! Spoke to my Dealer today and sadly my order is now totally locked. We'd managed to swing the change to the leather B Guards and Sills last week, scratches or no scratches that plastic B Guard was doing my head in. So I thought I'd be able to...
  18. Levee

    Anyone select the "Center Console Trim in Leather" option?

    I did find the photo below of the centre console in leather. Also the Cross Turismo reviewed by Doug DeMuro shows this option if you want to see more angles. ( I can't find any photos of the seat consoles though and would really love to see that option...