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  1. The Riddler

    Turismo Tailgate Catches on roof when opening!

    That is terrible service, are you prepared to name and shame the dealer…?
  2. The Riddler

    Order missing from My Porsche app

    Yep, same here… disappeared from the app but still there on the web version, stuck on phase 3 for last 2 months… i actually thought that the issue in the app might have been a prelude to moving to stage 4, but on reading this thread obviously not!!
  3. The Riddler

    June 2023 Deliveries

    same here...
  4. The Riddler

    UK Recommended insurance companies

    i can recommend A Plan Private Clients Division in High Wycombe. They are a broker so can access all of the standard markets but also those with specialisms for high value and BEV vehicles. Their service has been consistently excellent for at least ten years that I have used them so far. And...
  5. The Riddler

    UK order status and delays?

  6. The Riddler

    UK order status and delays?

    are you getting location info through the My Porsche portal? I am still stuck on phase 3 although scheduled for delivery at the end of June...
  7. The Riddler

    Bike rack alternative to OEM

    looks good, i saw the original post on the build of the rack. Do you have room for multiple (2, 3?) bikes on that set up?
  8. The Riddler

    Requirements for driving in France…

    Warning triangle, at least two self breath test devices for alcohol plus those fluorescent tabards… on a personal note I wouldn’t want to drive the autoroutes without having an Emovis tag for the tolls, saves loads of time and fuss and allows RHD passengers to ‘sleep’ through the toll plazas…
  9. The Riddler

    June 2023 Deliveries

    Apparently mine is due for collection mid to late June, app still says stage 3 and I’m getting twitchy…
  10. The Riddler

    '24 GTS ST Build Feedback

    +2 on squeaking PSCB on my Cayenne Turbo… at their worst when cold, typically driving off first thing or moving about a car park. You can literally see pedestrians wincing..! I am not speccing these for the Taycan, never again!
  11. The Riddler

    UK order status and delays?

    Been at stage 3 on the app since 1st April (April Fool?) with no progress since for ST GTS... got bored of interrogating webpage for build shots, but dealer (Mayfair) still sure of June collection...
  12. The Riddler

    UK Finance (interest rates)

    Edit “from my BANK”!
  13. The Riddler

    UK Finance (interest rates)

    I have a ST GTS scheduled late June. Was locked in pre recent price rise but finance offered at 10.9% is gouging, in my opinion. I was planning on 50% deposit then Porsche finance for the rest but got a relatively easy personal loan from my name at 5.9%, taking around £12k off the cost of...
  14. The Riddler

    Anyone else on here collecting on Tuesday ?? :)

    Not for another month but good luck Tuesday!!
  15. The Riddler

    16 months, 5 days later... Taycan GTS ST. Volcano Grey delivered

    omg that's stunning! I've got a Carmine Red GTS ST arriving in June, was very nearly specc'ed in Volcano, had my Macan GTS in that colour and it was a tough decision for the Taycan..
  16. The Riddler

    UK: Any recent order of Taycan, 4S or GTS with Bose

    Bose was unlocked for me when I settled on the final spec a week or so ago, via Porsche Mayfair on GTS ST