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  1. Kaytan

    BMW i5 Now that the i5 has been officially introduced... I've always been a fan of BMW interiors, this one is no exception. Will have to see one in real life before deciding if I like the silhouette and the fake grill. Curious to learn about driving...
  2. Kaytan

    Taycan POV at PECLA track

    I spent two hours on the PECLA track last November when I picked up my Taycan. Incredible experience!! Funniest part was when the instructor showed me my car for the track and apologized that they only had a Taycan GTS, not the model I picked up that day (a base RWD). Needless to say, I was just...
  3. Kaytan

    VOLCANO GREY Taycan Club

    Took delivery at Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles :cool:
  4. Kaytan

    Great rear cargo trunk liner!

    +1 I got this same liner. Great item for an even better price!
  5. Kaytan

    Available Allocations & Incoming Taycans @ MSRP

    Happy belated birthday, Sam, and thanks for your ongoing efforts!! :like:
  6. Kaytan

    October Deliveries

    The Eagle has finally landed! Took delivery this week at PEC LA. :D
  7. Kaytan

    October Deliveries

    Congrats, so close!! Love the color/wheel combo!! Sounds like the audio amp as in Bose or Burmester. Both have been reported missing in a bunch of Taycans lately due to supply chain issues. Fingers crossed it doesn't take too long.
  8. Kaytan

    Remember this?

    100%! Had the same experience with our i3. Such a PITA. The worst part was closing the doors on the passenger side after the kids got out of the car and ran away, while I was still in the driver's seat.
  9. Kaytan

    October Deliveries

    I'm picking up the car at Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles. They only do a very low number of deliveries per day, that causes the delay.
  10. Kaytan

    October Deliveries

    Well said. Essentially an AA forum for Taycan lovers. (taking a sip of my cab).
  11. Kaytan

    October Deliveries

    Let's just realize that pretending the world comes to an end because of a few random delivery delays actually means anything - in the grand scheme of things... that said, I couldn't be more excited about picking up mine in exactly 3 weeks from today!!
  12. Kaytan

    October Deliveries

    IT'S HAPPENING! FInal milestone unlocked today, after my car sat at Benicia Port since early September waiting for some TLC (I guess 12V batt). Pickup is scheduled in 3 weeks from today. Couldn't be more excited!!!
  13. Kaytan

    November 2022 Deliveries

    Me as well. Just like @timo , had PECLA delivery date of 10/28 that got rescheduled to 11/17. Car has been sitting in Benicia since 9/16. This morning, TYD updated my arrival date at PECLA to 11/4, so there's hope!
  14. Kaytan


    TYD is still up for me, no changes... still shows 9/30 as expected delivery date :swear:
  15. Kaytan

    Import US Taycan to Germany?

    Plus, it'll always be a grey (re)import with a US VIN, so when it's time to sell, you'd take a hit there as well. This was less of a concern when the EUR was still stronger than the USD, but nowadays it'd be cleaner to sell your car in the US, change that bundle of $$'s into a bigger bundle of...
  16. Kaytan

    October Deliveries

    I uploaded my purchase contract as proof of ownership.
  17. Kaytan

    Import US Taycan to Germany?

    Following... (I suspect tbinmd might be correct, though)
  18. Kaytan

    12 Volt Battery Shortage

    Yes, that makes a lot of sense.
  19. Kaytan

    12 Volt Battery Shortage

    Same here: I was able to set up the car in the My Porsche app and it shows the green dot. At the same time, my car is being held back at the port for another 3 weeks (presumably because of no 12V battery), it has been sitting there since 9/16. So I don't think that green dot = *final* 12V battery.
  20. Kaytan

    October Deliveries

    Here's the kicker: When I asked about the delay, this was their response: "Unfortunately, later today I was talking with the port and we decided that it will be more convenient to move your schedule." I know we have bigger problems to solve than this, but WTF?!