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  1. Bill33525

    Goodbye 4S. Total Loss

    It's been said the insurance co can sell the wreck at auction for a good price and take the difference as a loss. Some wrecks just can't be fixed so it goes to parts.
  2. Bill33525

    Taycan charging slower than other EVs

    Check this setting: Battery Saving slows the charging speed to increase battery life. Check PnC feature as well. Another problem that can happen at EA stations lately is some dispensers are running at reduced power/speed. Try navigating to a high speed charger next time.
  3. Bill33525

    Electrify America CEO-Elect's Coast-To-Coast Road Trip using EA charging stations - Video

    I think he wanted to experience as many charging experiences as possible rather than doing a connonball like Kyle Conner on OSM. Looks like he had exceptionally good experiences, which proves many drivers are having at least an acceptable experience. Unfortunately, this video did not detail many...
  4. Bill33525

    Electrify America CEO-Elect's Coast-To-Coast Road Trip using EA charging stations - Video

    Here in Tampa,, Fl EA upgraded our 8 dispenser station to the new SK Signet 350kW dispensers. Early on there were a lot of issues with these dispensers but now all of them are very reliable. My Taycan has pulled 270kW on these new units. Since all are max power now seeing a Bolt pulling 50kW is...
  5. Bill33525

    10% Non-Refundable Deposit for MY 2023 for an Allocation Reasonable?

    I don't know why any deposit is required as they can sell any car that gets to the showroom floor. I did post a 2K deposit on a car that was already on the boat to Jacksonville, Fl.
  6. Bill33525

    Upper Central Screen Off?

    Had this happen to both screens one time on my '22 RWD. Upon next entry of the car all was well. Also had a situation where none of the icons on the PCM would work. Again, leaving the car and returning all was well. Car is in for updates, my SA says there is a sw reset for that. Looks like a...
  7. Bill33525

    Taycan keeps locking when I lift the door handle

    I have run into the case of trying to open the car and it's locking itself. Can't remember the exact circumstances, or how I eventually got into the car. Think I just continued to raise the drivers door handle until it opened. Sometimes the car does not sense the key fob and does not present...
  8. Bill33525

    Ideas for trip planning to work in a loaner 22 Base

    For preconditioning to work you must select a high power charger from the drop down in the Nav app. Typing in an address will not work. When you open Nav app select the charger ICON and select the charger you are headed to. The list can be frustrating. Not sure if there is an easy way to get to...
  9. Bill33525

    Long term Taycan owners: Are you still enjoying the car every day? Does it still feel special?

    I would trade my RWD for this:
  10. Bill33525

    Miles remaining in the charge doesn't match actual mileage

    Simply the GOM range is based on your last drive. So if you were intown driving slow and had lots of regen due to stopping frequently then on your next drive you go out on the motorway and drive 120 km/hr where your consumption is much greater than the last drive then the GOM will go down faster...
  11. Bill33525

    Error during charging Message

    The ChargePoint Flex Home Charger provides a charging report that is configurable by dates. This allows me to determine how much of my electric bill is due to car charging. The charging cable is very thick, never gets hot and the unit does allow hard wiring for 50 amp service. My unit is over...
  12. Bill33525

    7-Eleven Chargers Online!

    Recently the 7-Eleven here in Tampa Fl installed two 90kW dispensers. Tried one on my Taycan and it performed flawlessly. I don't remember the cost but on PlugShare here is what they say: $0.35 per kWh. Parking is free while charging. Idle parking time is charged at $1/minute after a 15 minute...
  13. Bill33525

    Just used a Tesla Supercharger for the first time

    Tesla has the V4 dispenser on the way with a longer cable. There are several locations where we visit that have Tesla SuC. Will be nice when those locations receive the Magic Dock conversion.
  14. Bill33525

    Walmart Announces Plan To Expand Electric Vehicle Charging Network

    From Georga to Virginia on I-95 every EA stop is at a Walmart, except maybe Sheetz in NC. Wife hates those places. Monitoring PlugShare for "coming soon" stations I don't see any super fast charging statons going in. It's going to be a while before a nicer EV charging stop happens on the east coast.
  15. Bill33525

    Expanded Electrify America charger coverage - flame away!

    This one popped up last year but appears to be broken now. Shell bought Volta and numerous Volta instillations are stalled with bubble wrapped dispensers. No one at Volta knows whats going on with their installations. Although EA seems to be getting...
  16. Bill33525

    Expanded Electrify America charger coverage - flame away!

    The problem with ChargePoint chargers is the maintenance is separate. So it will be interesting how sucessful the program in Texas is over time. Hopefully they put a big line item in the budget for maintenance.
  17. Bill33525

    Lets take a moment to appreciate taycan’s fast charging

    Had to Navigate to the EA fast charger, warming the battery, to get the high speed charge here in warm Florida.
  18. Bill33525

    Out of Spec Youtuber takes delivery of Taycan: Deciding To Buy A Used Taycan Over A New Model 3

    Good look'n Blonde in a Taycan, she will be getting a lot of looks out on the road!
  19. Bill33525

    Rear Trunk lid paint fading after repainting a year ago.

    The dealer has stepped up and is getting me an appointment to correct the problem. I will have a very close look at the panel this time and keep an eye on it for changes.
  20. Bill33525

    I'm confused - EA was flawless yestereday for me

    Pulled into the Tampa Fl EA station @ 14% SoC, P&C worked flawlessly on the new SK Signet chargers. Saw 269 kW peak charge. Biggest problem will be overcrowding due to locals taking advantage of the free juice included with most EVs.