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  1. BigBob

    Which tyres?

    Just changing my tyres. A bit more tread left on the front than the back and all looks evenly worn. 14k miles. Am replacing like for like due to lack of imagination and fact they seem fine. 20" Pirelli Cinturato P7 Blue Elect. Kwikfit were close to £100 per tyre more than black circles...
  2. BigBob

    UK Finance (interest rates)

    It’s probably been explained to them like that by a banker so they’d understand it 😊 the only linkage between a central bank and auto finance is central bank base rates are a very large determinant of interest rates at different points on the yield And credit curve. But it certainly isn’t the...
  3. BigBob

    UK Finance (interest rates)

    Not sure that's right. Central Banks are generally lender (short term cash) of last resort to the banking system / provide liquidity if need be to the system. They aren't there to lend cash to banks (and certainly not to corporates) to lend out to their customers on an as needed basis. The...
  4. BigBob

    UK Finance (interest rates)

    Porsche, well VW anyway, does have a bank / banking license.....
  5. BigBob

    Do you lose battery % overnight?

    Try less than 50% and see if it goes up...?
  6. BigBob

    UK EVSE with variable output

    Sorry. No idea I’m afraid.
  7. BigBob

    UK EVSE with variable output

    Wallbox pulsar. Very easy to do from app. Just has a circle on home screen you can dial the Amp from 6 to 32 and stays where u left it.
  8. BigBob

    Facelift 2024 Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo spied going flat out on the Nurburgring

    Am i the only one thinking it doesn't look any different, aside from some dimples in the front bumper?
  9. BigBob

    150kw/400V retrofit?

    Same reason they don't give you electric folding mirrors etc as standard....
  10. BigBob

    Extra guarantee needed?

    Finally a benefit from Brexit!!!!!!!! 🇬🇧 😅
  11. BigBob

    Not sure about racing sticker stripes

    If you're going to do it, do it properly:
  12. BigBob

    Taycan Intro and some questions

    Porsche assistance - 01212752853 / 0033472172573 Porsche tracker/alarm if you have it - 0333 2220799 Finding a charger - Zap Map and filter out the low speed ones. Not all brands/suppliers are in the car's satnav. You can also see the porsche satnav charger network in the myporsche app...
  13. BigBob


    Go and see Topaz and also NVN. They are just around the corner from each other (Park Royal). Both very impressive set up and be prepared for some car envy. Must admit i never bothered in the end as I had factory fitted front PPF and swissvax wax which the dealer put on by mistake. My plan was...
  14. BigBob


    I think you've got Bob Hope in the UK with a new one, other than a boot liner or wax or something (i.e. dealer supply rather than factory elements). Second hand ones - no experience but residuals have apparently gone from holding very nicely to cratering over the last 6 months or so. Dealer...
  15. BigBob

    Buying a high mileage Taycan Turbo - thoughts?

    Battery is modular and also bloody expensive. I wonder if a porsche extended warranty would also cover the battery (once that much longer standard warranty) has expired. Might make 8 year old Taycan's (when the time comes) a bit tricky.
  16. BigBob

    Dashcam power supply from 12v cigarette lighter in boot

    I haven't but after recent software upgrades etc, the HV battery tops up the 12v battery if need be, so don't think 30 minutes and then off will have any impact.
  17. BigBob

    Sad time to say goodbye to the forum

    The car isn't too big, the parking spaces are too small. I've no idea what building regs or whatever supermarkets / shopping centres comply with, but i'm sure it's based on the average dimensions of a car in the 1970s. All the airbags and us getting fatter etc means nearly all cars are bigger -...
  18. BigBob


    Why not just add it to the build (i realise the horse has already bolted for most). That's what i did and seems a decent job and similar sort of price. No getting the new car and having to send it straight off to the pdf man, having sensors recalibrated at the dealer after etc etc.
  19. BigBob

    Rubber brake lever cover fell off, what now?

    Arguably it's unsafe. So get it recovered by Porsche assistance, then they have to prioritise you in the queue and give you a loan/hire car. Bit overkill, but.... #i'dglueitbackon
  20. BigBob

    Rash of Smashed Taycan Windows

    A total [email protected] smashed the rear windscreen on both my cars, no doubt looking to see if anything was in the boots (trunk). Clearly they couldn't get past the parcel shelf in the CT, not that there was anything under it. Anyway, my glass completely shattered and fell in - maybe weaker laminate...