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  1. Marmolata

    OBDII Dongles - list your brand

    it works perfectly for me with a 2022 and using carscanner app. I can only vouch for that specific model that I listed.
  2. Marmolata

    OBDII Dongles - list your brand

    Vgate iCar Pro Bluetooth 4.0
  3. Marmolata

    I tried the Zunsport grills and I like them

    OP, i hope you getting a commission for all the sales 😜
  4. Marmolata

    Window control

    you jinxed me! I literally had this happen to me yesterday, and could not raise the window. first time it has happened though. i had to fiddle with the switch, and it finally went up... guessing it yet another software bug. either that or we going to have Taycans sitting at the port...
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    Confused and disappointed

  6. Marmolata

    '24 GTS ST Build Feedback

    that and they empty your retirement account when time to replace. parts alone are over $7,000 usd ! i have them as I bought a stock car, and scared to death of the day they need replacing !
  7. Marmolata

    911 to Taycan?

    if you decide to switch, i would recommend 22/23 4s vs older turbo. you will get later part revisions which seems to make a difference versus the earlier models
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    What would you do?

    Pick which one feels better to you. drive both, and you will know which you prefer. the date/milege are so close as to be irrelevant in decision process.
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    what wheels are those ? very nice !
  10. Marmolata

    Things are warming up! Porsche Taycan production to rise as heater supply improves

    it probably still weba because i am sure Porsche is getting significant compensation for the defective ones from weba.
  11. Marmolata

    Repetitive Message Issue (PCM)

    i have same issue. if you delete they just come back next day. but i realized if you click the message and click reject, and then delete them they dont come back ! lmk if it works for you.
  12. Marmolata

    Regenerative Braking Setting

    Ditto Wakesurfer. also I use it to slow down. Press the button on a long deceleration or long hill decline. I liken it to downshifting.
  13. Marmolata

    Breaker sizes for install

    You need to ask an electrician, not us. I can tell you that some replys are incorrect. as Daveo said above, you need a professional for this. there are too many variables we do not know. type of wire used, plug type or hardwired for charger, gfi needed or not etc etc. find a good...
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    Removing Model Badge

    I use goof off the strong version, and put behind badge to soften glue. put a cloth below badge to catch excess drips. then floss away!
  15. Marmolata

    Upper Central Screen Off?

    the lock car, walk away trick works for me. dealer said make sure key is not nearby after you lock so car does not communicate w key while waiting the 10 minutes
  16. Marmolata

    Pot holes 1,000s of 'em

    13 years. not sure what else to say?
  17. Marmolata

    Comfort Entry

    if you have the option in the pcm then it an option is available to you. when you check the box, it does not move seat back when you open door? if not, best to ask dealer to look at.
  18. Marmolata

    Is the Taycan quieter than the Boxster, for road noise especially?

    Agree with other comments, if you want quiet, don't get 21" wheels. You may even just go with 19" which would be the quietest. I have 21" and they loud on some surfaces.
  19. Marmolata

    *Beep* on skipping audio tracks

    no beep here either. might be a brexit only beep 😜