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  1. Bill33525

    Rear Trunk lid paint fading after repainting a year ago.

    About a year ago while my '22 Chalk Taycan was in the dealer for an update a delivery truck backed into my trunk lid causing a small dent. The dealership of course fixed the dent and resprayed the trunk lid. Now almost a year after the incidence the trunk lid looks like it's turning a little...
  2. Bill33525

    Low Charging speeed on new EA SK Signet chargers

    The new EA SK Signet chargers have a new feature displaying "requested charging speed by car". Arrived at EA station with 7 new SK Signet chargers, My '22 RWD was at 25% SoC, battery @ 85F and 70F outside temp, which should charge at well over 200kW. The charger reported that the car was...
  3. Bill33525

    Bricked PCM

    Came out of lunch today and the PCM display was blank with "PORSCHE" displayed on it. Passenger display had "Taycan" displayed. Sent pictures to my SA who said an OTA Update bricked the PCM. Further said SW fix on the way. Anyone know anymore?
  4. Bill33525

    Plug & Charge issues with EA

    Stopped by Tampa FL, EA station, recently rebuilt with all new single handle 350kW dispensers. None of them would authorize my Taycan P&C. Received connection error and Payment Denied. Took an hour on the phone to get a complementary charge session started on old 150kW charger. I’m reluctant to...
  5. Bill33525

    Rotational ticking sound driving the car

    Several days ago we drove home in a rain storm and the car has sit for three days in the garage. Today we went to go shopping and the car would not move just releasing the brakes. Added some accelerator and heard a clunk. Rolling out the garage we heard a rotational ticking sound. Upon the...
  6. Bill33525

    Key FOB wouldn't let us into the car

    We have comfort access active and it generally works. Both my wife and I carry a fob. Recently we both approached the car on our usual sides of the car and the door handles would not present themselves or allow us to work them open. I tried several times to lift the door handle with no success...
  7. Bill33525

    Strange wheel rim ding

    Anyone have an idea how this happened?
  8. Bill33525

    Car restarts upon exiting

    MY21 RWD occasionally upon exiting the car and closing the door the car will not lock, the problem is the car has turned on by itself. Am I doing something wrong?