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  1. Battery continues heating after nav to DC cancelled?

    After the UpDate I’m also noticing higher temperatures when fast charging. You?
  2. Battery continues heating after nav to DC cancelled?

    I’ve noticed this too. I had a stopover on the route. The stopover was the EA charger. I had to cancel the whole navigation to stop the heating.
  3. Rubber brake lever cover fell off, what now?

    This is basic. Nothing fancy, no tools. It slides up from the bottom. Slide the rubber pad up the pedal, make sure the side are in the channel, then make sure the bottom of the pedal seats into the groove in the rubber. This should take you 1 minute. Or you can go to the dealer and spend...
  4. How to preheat the battery

    Second question. You can’t. The car needs some time to preheat the battery, 2 miles isn’t enough. first question. If a dc fast charger is entered into the Nav system as a destination or stopover, the system will preheat the battery. This is true. When charging at home (AC charger) the...
  5. Leather wrapping Taycan lower B-pillar trim

    I have a 20 year old Cayenne with Alcantara pillars. They’ve held up extremely well. No matting, just a littile fading from the sun on the a-pillars. Lower sections of the b-pillar have worn well. I may pursue wrapping the lowers of my b-pillars in leather. If they Turn out poorly, the...
  6. Sports Sound Variation

    It’s mechanical change amplified/emphasized with synthesized sound.
  7. door handle sounds?

    Best to use either silicon spray, or silicone grease. Both are safe on plastic and rubber. WD40 and other petroleum based lubricants do bad things to plastic and rubber over time. For the door handles, the spray is probably what you’re looking for.
  8. Problem with braking when backing up slowly

    When driving at slow speeds, the electric brake booster system will fade out regen braking and fade in hydraulic braking. There is a TSB that says something along the lines of, “Longer brake pedal travel can be expected at slower speeds.” It sounds like you’re experiencing this to the...
  9. Rear Trunk lid paint fading after repainting a year ago.

    It was either a bad paint match from the beginning, or the clear coat is yellowing over time. I’d take it back and ask them to correct it.
  10. Sports Sound Variation

    That’s what is actually happening at lower speeds. The car shifts from 2nd to 1st.
  11. Bonehead move - poured washer fluid in brake fluid receptacle

    I’d do the flush. Oil tends to float on water, which means water sinks deeper into the system.
  12. Why a large delay of delivery does not interest me

    I’ll try and stay clear of the fray… while I agree that outdoor storage (especially near a port) isn’t the best. New cars generally have protective fil on them. This includes the wheels to prevent rain from splattering on The brake discs. These mitigations will help. Beyond those physical...
  13. Door opening sequence

    Thanks! I’ll give that a try.
  14. Door opening sequence

    I’m only actuating to the first detent. Said that in the first message
  15. Is Porsche using cheap materials?

    I took the risk on ppf headlights. They all yellow and fail. Maybe this will extend that life. I was aware of Porsche’s warning ahead of the install. Calculated risk. The comments, re: lower car are very true.
  16. Remove front lip

    Are you replacing to repair damage? Or for a different look?