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  1. aatothek

    PTS Gulf Orange Taycan

    Who would order those wheels on a GTS though? Strange
  2. aatothek

    Video on Taycan Heater Issue: Why Are So Many Failing

    I've had 2x replacements😞. Also have a GTS ST on order which has been delayed by a further 2 months due to this issue. Was locked for Feb build and March delivery, dealer now saying April/May...
  3. aatothek

    Mamba Green and Cherry Red colors are gone

    No Cherry Red and Mamba Green were always on UK configurator but they're gone now...
  4. aatothek

    Chargey EV charge / trip tracking app for iOS now available!

    Looks great from this thread Here's the BIG question tho 😉... Google Play Store??? 🤞
  5. aatothek

    Rear typography opinion poll

    This is exactly what I plan when I take delivery of my GTS ST. I'm also going to wrap the roof spoiler gloss black... FWIW
  6. aatothek

    Brand new 4S consistently only getting 210 miles a charge?

    I have 4.5k on mine now, and the range has been slowly improving each charge. Initially 215 then a good spell at 225 and since 4000 miles it's been getting 245 miles at 100%soc... 👍🏽
  7. aatothek

    Audi A6 Avant e-tron Concept

    I have a deposit on this 🤩 Load carrying (family and dog) and range stand out. Looks rad as hell too! Might swap the GTS ST for a saloon to run alongside of I can convince a special someone 😂
  8. aatothek

    I am genuinely shocked by how much attention this car attracts on a daily basis.

    I'm in Norwich UK in a Stormtrooper with JBM Mission E's and I can't believe the love this car gets... I've never experienced it before, the genuine enthusiasm and props this car generates! No one seems to know it's electric tho 😂
  9. aatothek


    Yes. I had a poster on my bedroom wall of the 993 Turbo in H8 for years back then...
  10. aatothek

    UK Deposits £

    Yeah. What he said! 😂 I must have been smoking when I replied earlier!🫣 Just knew there were some scaled deposits...
  11. aatothek

    UK Deposits £

    5k is standard for Taycan among other models and 10k for 911 up to I think 25k for GT cars. I've seen the full list, I think when l paid mine... Refundable until final lock.
  12. aatothek

    Terrance’s Taycan GTS Sport Turismo Adventures [Delivered!]

    My Mission Es look lost by comparison!
  13. aatothek

    ABRP route to Taycan satnav?

    Many thanks for the reply @PorscheCH I knew I had read something from @tigerbalm but I couldn't remember where...
  14. aatothek

    ABRP route to Taycan satnav?

    Evening all, I'm off to the ExCel Arena in the morning for 100% Optical (trade fair) and I've planned my route in ABRP with a scheduled stop for a charge on the return leg of there's no charging at the ExCel. My question is how do I send my map to the car so it will prepare the battery for the...
  15. aatothek

    Wait for Taycan 4S Sport Turismo in UK?

    Agreed. My salesman sent me some pics yesterday if their newly delivered GTS ST. Carbon design pack and no electric charge ports... ? I'm going down in the morning, I'll post some photos then...