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  1. Sebbo

    UK Finance (interest rates)

    Sorry but I’ve had this from folks pretty high up at Porsche so I’m not sure where you get your info from. Anyhow what’s does it matter. It is what it is.
  2. Sebbo

    UK Finance (interest rates)

    Not boring at all. Well I find it interesting for sure.
  3. Sebbo

    UK Finance (interest rates)

    I’m sure they do, but they borrow from the BOE to fund the finance we take out with them. That’s all I know. I’m not privy to their complete banking structure.
  4. Sebbo

    UK Finance (interest rates)

    I’m sure they do. But what I do know is that’s not their business model here in the uk. That’s not me guessing a possible business model, it’s from the horses mouth so to speak.
  5. Sebbo

    UK Finance (interest rates)

    That’s actually not correct. Merc are their own bank so not subjected to borrowing money like Porsche does from BOE so not affected by high borrowing rates. As such they can set their own rate independently.
  6. Sebbo

    Got my pylon today

    Yeah think that sounds about right
  7. Sebbo

    Got my pylon today

    Is it new or a used car purchase? Not sure if you get one for a used, I could be wrong though 🤔
  8. Sebbo

    Goodbye 4S. Total Loss

    Taycan replacement or other car/manufacture?
  9. Sebbo

    911 to Taycan?

    I’m getting a 911 C 4 GTS. It’s an amazing car to drive really nimble and fun, but, if it was between my Taycan GTS and the 911 it would be the taycan all day. It’s just so capable and gives you 90% of the 911 but way more space and the ride is just sublime and serene on the road. I actually...
  10. Sebbo

    sound system option

    I actually got to test a GTS with the standard system and it's nowhere near the Bose. The Bose or better still Burmester, is now a must on any car I spec in the future. Wouldn't buy a Taycan with the base system and anyone saying it's no worst than the Bose either has not heard the Bose or has...
  11. Sebbo

    Taycan price increased.

    All models have had their price increased
  12. Sebbo

    UK Finance (interest rates)

    Not to be rude in anyway but your comment lacks perspective. In the 70s and 80s you could buy a huge house for 20k have 3 children send them all to school and do it all on one average or below average salary. In todays world everything is way more expensive 20k£ won’t get you a 2m2 plot of land...
  13. Sebbo

    UK Finance (interest rates)

    I’m in the exact same position as you. GTS on order but 100% not paying that Apr so think I’m going to ask them to just keep me in line until it gets to 6 something or better. You can get a new SL 63 on 5.9% with Mercedes b finance. Why the hell is Porsche being so disgusting.
  14. Sebbo

    Porsche Finance UK

    I for one did not order a Taycan for tax benefits. If you are you’re not a real Porsche/Porsche ev fan at all and indeed should put your money elsewhere.
  15. Sebbo

    My Dolomite Silver CT 4 has arrived at the dealer

    Interesting you say about easier and that you prefer it. Power steering plus really does numb the driving experience. You really do loose a lot of the feedback from the wheels on the road. I personally avoid it and will always avoid it.
  16. Sebbo

    Taycan 4S CT - Taking delivery November. Keep or sell?

    Hey, Is the current apr at 10.9%?
  17. Sebbo

    Salary Sacrifice - Lex

    I agree with you, seems mad leasing one. Save up and buy the thing pcp
  18. Sebbo

    Delivery Delays

    Calling bs on that, go back to them and ask to speak to sales manager, that’s info easily shared.
  19. Sebbo

    Delivery Delays

    Haha you read my mind, I’ll get a decent one tomorrow