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  1. KCD

    Sad time to say goodbye to the forum

    Yes, or probably used as a demonstrator for a time. Matters not to me, I got an as good as new car without the 15 month wait, and a spec which was nearly everything I wanted, and some extra bits as well.
  2. KCD

    Sad time to say goodbye to the forum

    According to my Porsche dealer, the guy was allegedly buying the car through his employer's Company car scheme, and then changed jobs whilst waiting for delivery. His new employer had very different rules on Company cars and would not allow him to take delivery. My "ethical" dealer was selling...
  3. KCD

    Goodbye 4S. Total Loss

    Good to hear nobody was injured but does question why it would be a total loss for what appears to be so little damage. Years ago, I had a Bentley Arnage worth £40k that was claimed to be a total loss for a small amount of damage. I insisted on it being repaired at a Bentley approved dealer and...
  4. KCD

    Sad time to say goodbye to the forum

    Weezer is right. I found a "second hand" 4S here in the UK with 111 miles on the clock at almost the same price as the current configurator listing. Not quite all the options I wanted and some I didn't want, but nevertheless, no waiting time at all. Go almost new and avoid the wait.