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  1. “Electric” Designation on doors

    I like it in black and have optioned it on my GTS. It seems some models it’s silver, which I really don’t like.
  2. New Porsche Recall/"Stop sell" - any details?

    I believe it’s standard on GTS and above. I have GTS on order and it will have electric column. Although there could be variations between regions as to what is standard?
  3. Taycan GTS

    My GTS ST is a July build and will be MY24.
  4. New Porsche Recall/"Stop sell" - any details?

    I think there could be reasonable reasons for not giving too much detail into investigations on a potential issue. For example, if they suspect a security flaw, eg which could allow a car to be unlocked and started from the Internet, you’d want to identify and patch the issue, before releasing...
  5. Feedback on my GTS Build

    I have a 6 and 8 year old and I’ve just ordered a GTS with the GTS Racetex (crayon stitching) interior. I’m hoping it won’t be ruined too fast!
  6. GTS roof lining material

    Phew. Yes, just checked the info in my signed order form and it does say ‘Roof lining in RaceTex’. Thanks for replying.
  7. Feedback on my GTS Build

    I’m very irritated you can still spec PCCB on a GTS. You can’t in the UK currently.
  8. GTS roof lining material

    thanks. That’s what I expected. Hope it’s just an error on the spec sheet 🤞🏻
  9. GTS roof lining material

    I have an order underway (locking in a couple of weeks) for a GTS ST. It Will be MY24. I expected the roof material to be Racetex, but I’ve just spotted in the list of standard equipment ‘Roof liner fabric’. can anyone confirm what it should be? oh and I’ve spec VLC pano roof. Thanks
  10. Sad time to say goodbye to the forum

    I spotted deep in T&Cs when I signed my order that delivery miles will be 10’s of miles OR possibly up to 250 depending on testing selection. Cars are randomly selected from production lines for additional testing, which result in up to 250 delivery miles.
  11. UK order status and delays?

    Very nice! At least I got an indication of roughly what I'd just ordered! How long did yours take to go from order lock to today? SA (Tom) was indicating it might not take that long (a lot quicker than I expected anyway) - possible very slim chance of late August delivery.
  12. UK order status and delays?

    There was a brand new one in Bristol today - still with the plastic wrappers on being prepped - guess that one isn't yours?
  13. UK order status and delays?

    I got a July slot. Very happy. Order confirmed. Locks next week. Sorry, but Gentian Blue was the choice - it was that or black, and my previous two cars have been black. Im not up for bright or loud colours :p
  14. UK Home charging options

    Just put in a 32a socket, eg I believe the plug in charger should also have a cable with this...
  15. Funny little things that drive me crazy | diva safe zone

    I have ACC on my RS6 (2016) and never had this issue, but Audi use two radar sensors, one on each side of the car. This presumably prevents this ’tunnel vision’ effect, as one would always be ‘looking’ at a car in front.
  16. Remote ParkAssist for rear cross traffic alert

    I have a similar dilemma. I back out on to a busy residential road, plus there is a pavement with frequent pedestrians to cross. I am currently going to spec Remote Park, just to get these extra safety features - it only needs to save one small prang! In the UK it’s an effective £1k upgrade...
  17. UK order status and delays?

    Humm. I might have to pinch someone else’s ST Turbo S allocation instead! Heh. Chances of a TS slot becoming available before a GTS?…
  18. UK order status and delays?

    Excactly what I want to order. Waiting an allocation :(
  19. I lapped my RWD on Nürburgring!

    " Cost of crashing on the Nurburgring These include Armco repairs, safety car attendance, vehicle recovery, track closure, hospital stays and helicopter fees. I recommend avoiding these. If you can't, then the following price-list may help: Base fee for attendance of armco truck: €150 Removing...
  20. Taycan GTS ST Color

    Nice to see side by side. I’m waiting for a build slot on a ST, but I much prefer the black rear spoiler on the CT. Might have to go all black to not have think about it :p