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  1. AyTifosi

    Rash of Smashed Taycan Windows

    A couple of Saturdays ago my car was parked where I work, under a building in Bellevue, out of site from the main road. Twenty-five mins after I parked someone smashed my driver's and the rear passenger window. The Porsche app sent a notiffication to my phone, but as I was in a meeting I...
  2. AyTifosi

    2020 Taycan 4S

    I recently traded in my 2020 Taycan 4S - White / Bordeux, with 14,000 miles. (Here is a link to the car at the dealer - Loved it so much, we ordered and finally picked up our 2022 GTS. The...
  3. AyTifosi

    Panoramic roof with Variable Light Control (VLC) Pictures

    I looked and couldn't locate any photos on the forum of all the VLC shades, so I thought I would post them. Apologies if this has already been done. Here are photos of the PCM control as well as inside/outside photos of the Panoramic Roof with Variable Light Control in all shades.
  4. AyTifosi

    New Years Eve Delivery Day: Frozen Blue GTS (finally!)

    April order, July build, (wait, wait, and wait... ) December delivery! We picked up our new Frozen Blue GTS from Porsche Bellingham today. They have been really helpful and professional the whole way. We traded in our 2020 4S with Bordeaux leather which has been an awesome car. When be...