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  1. dtich

    Ars Technica article on Audi's (VW group) move towards software-defined cars. Good, informative article, if a little anemic by the usually comment-y Gitlin. I find it somewhat concerning how many times the interviewee says 'but it's very complicated' or...
  2. dtich

    75 year anniversary - website logo

    this showed up on today:
  3. dtich

    vehicle order disappears from myporsche??

    my gts that's been on order since december has been in the my porsche app with a delivery of mid-june (orig mid-may) for months, has suddenly disappeared from the app and i no longer have an order on my account according to myporsche. i have reached out to my broker who did the order, but...
  4. dtich

    New(?) message on myPorsche re: heaters

    just noticed this (see below) today -- it could have been there a day or two already, i don't look everyday. i don't believe i've read anything about it on the fora, forgive me if i just missed it. my gts is slated for may production and mid-june delivery to west coast u.s., fwiw.