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  1. tigerbalm

    Nice phone background image!

    I like the Norwegian for clock.
  2. tigerbalm

    Anyone not using run flats?

    You can order the Porsche tyre kit if you like. I didn't due to damage of tyre when using, but its an option. It fits into the frunk on the right hand side. You'll see it in the configurator under wheel accessories.
  3. tigerbalm

    Standard tracker vs category 7 aftermarket

    I had forgotten that – looks like its for Belgium & Luxembourg.
  4. tigerbalm

    Show your home charging setup

    Charger: Zappi v2 Rate: 7.2 kWH Installation Location: On pillar at my dedicated parking spots in shared underground car park under my apartment Country: Ireland The charger requires a PIN to be entered before starting the charge (immediate or timed), protecting the charger within a shared...
  5. tigerbalm

    Taycan Lands on Roof of Another Car in Home Crash

    The damage to the A-pillar I'd say will write off that BMW. The Porsche prob come out of it okay. The underside of the Taycan really is very flat.
  6. tigerbalm

    Standard tracker vs category 7 aftermarket

    Not really. PVTS and its variants are really just a Porsche branding layered onto regional implementations. So PVTS+ is Vodafone in Europe but likely something else in the Americas, Asia, etc. I would imagine it's a combination of regional insurance requirement norms and what suppliers have...
  7. tigerbalm

    Porsche Ionity card

    Why are the dealers so flakey on the specifics? Not too impressive, is it?
  8. tigerbalm

    Hello, and my 4s spec

    I've always agonised over the configurator with the feeling that if I don't pick right, I'll "ruin" the car. However, when I sit in a (any) Porsche, the specifics often just fade away. I find myself more "forgiving" when I'm sitting in one. Here is my build...
  9. tigerbalm

    Hello, and my 4s spec

    Part 2 ParkAssist including Surround View Great option, you'll use it! Adaptive Cruise Control Same, I use it all the time and this also includes Porsche Active Safe which has saved me once! You or next owner will be able to subscribe to InnoDrive if so inclined. Advanced Climate Control...
  10. tigerbalm

    Hello, and my 4s spec

    Part 1 Here are my very subjective comments and observations. Gentian Blue Metallic I love blue cars – I've got a Neptune Blue on order – but this blue has never been my favourite. Two-Tone Leather Interior, Smooth-Finish Leather, Black/Crayon If you are getting this because you like light...
  11. tigerbalm

    Hello, and my 4s spec

    Its certainly going to be an interesting steering experience - 🤣
  12. tigerbalm

    PSCB Brake Order Delay

    They are used so infrequently, might not be as bad as you fear.
  13. tigerbalm

    Switch Taycan from 11KW to 22KW? Upgradekit?

    When I was putting in my order – the 22kW charger only became available for December builds and after. I agreed to wait for it and have a Jan 2021 build slot.
  14. tigerbalm

    Switch Taycan from 11KW to 22KW? Upgradekit?

    That is useful to know. I've optioned it on my Taycan order because there are 1000s of 22kW public chargers around Ireland. In countries with similar (like France) I bet this would be a popular upgrade. I paid €1605 for the 22kW option. Do you know if the €1690 upgrade pricing in Germany...
  15. tigerbalm

    Windshield crack

    Also, if you have the HUD option – be fussy – you'll definitely want the OEM windscreen.
  16. tigerbalm

    Windshield crack

    I know in Ireland my insurer (CHUBB) would send the car back to Porsche Centre of my choice for a OEM windshield and this would have no effect on my premiums and would not be recorded as a claim. So if it happened to me, I'd expect OEM replacement fitted by Porsche at no cost to me.
  17. tigerbalm

    Standard tracker vs category 7 aftermarket

    No, you have to subscribe at your Porsche Centre. The "national service centre" for UK & Ireland is run by Vodafone. There are 1 year and 3 year deals and as far as I know, they stay with the car and are nontransferable. Yes. I am not familiar with the UK market, however, my insurance is...
  18. tigerbalm

    Deed done...

    I also didn't configure the glass roof. I've optimised my car for the front seat passengers – it will be rare for me to carry passengers in the rear seats. In my opinion, the glass roof is primarily for the benefit of the rear passengers. I felt it somewhat started a little "back" from where...
  19. tigerbalm

    Standard tracker vs category 7 aftermarket

    I believe informally you get 3 (or is it 5?) false alarms a year. In my first year of Porsche ownership (not a Taycan), I've had two theft activations: a] First was dropping car in to my Porsche Centre to ask them to take the e-hybrid badges off the door. Forgot to leave the PVTS+ fob in the...