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  1. TaycanNJ

    Custom Mod: Painted Front Bumper Vents on Taycan

    Whoa... a lot of rough comments on here. It may not be your style, but it is someone else's personal choice. Personally, I like anything that makes a car unique to the owner, whether I agree with the style or not.
  2. TaycanNJ

    Noises driving me nuts

    I’m tempted to just do it myself now. Three dealer visits with acknowledgement of the issue and no solution. No way I’m going back for a fourth.
  3. TaycanNJ

    Noises driving me nuts

    Just kidding, it’s still rattling. This is insanely annoying on a car at this price point. Funny thing is, I had a 2021 Cayenne as a loaner and it had the same exact rattle from the door. What are they doing over there in Germany??
  4. TaycanNJ

    Noises driving me nuts

    I got my fixed by the second dealer I went to. Although they only fixed the driver side door, they said the passenger door panel has to be replaced and the part currently does not exist so they are working with Porsche to figure it out. Very happy to have the driver side rattle gone.
  5. TaycanNJ

    Custom Mod: Painted Front Bumper Vents on Taycan

    This is not mine, but it was done by the shop that I go to for all detailing, ppf, tint, etc. Auto Polishing Center in Waldwick, NJ posted this on their instagram. I saw it in person too and it looks pretty sharp. One of the reasons I went with black is because I wasn't crazy about the contrast...
  6. TaycanNJ

    Nico Rosberg weaponizes the Taycan Turbo S on the Nurburgring

    I would love to see what he could do on a dry track! The rain killed this run.
  7. TaycanNJ

    Lockout displays for cleaning?

    Is there a way to lock out all of the displays so you can clean them without pushing buttons other than powering down the car? Would be nice to have this function when you bring it to a car wash place so they don’t change everything
  8. TaycanNJ

    Charging is not possible - Grounding device error

    I don't think they gave me a new one. I believe they either updated the firmware on it or modified the software somehow. Either way, I have not had the issue since I got it back.
  9. TaycanNJ

    Phone location - CarPlay

    The adapter from is great. I put it on the passenger side and I use it with the Scosche MagicMount Pro XL. Works great and the charger plug sticks to the magnet when it's not in use which makes it easy to find.
  10. TaycanNJ

    Charging is not possible - Grounding device error

    I ended up bringing my charger to the dealership and I haven’t had the issue since. The car also got a software update at that time so I can’t be certain that the charger itself was fixed and it wasn’t fixed by the software update.
  11. TaycanNJ

    Noises driving me nuts

    I was about to make a similar post. The rattling from the driver and passenger door in my car is making me insane. I have carbon fiber trim with neodyme accents and I'm wondering if it's that combo that's causing it. I have never had a car with rattling this bad. It has nothing to do with the...
  12. TaycanNJ

    Automatic Software updates - Porsche needs to improve here.

    I'm with you on this. It's disappointing that there has been no urgency towards OTA updates. The PCM system is extremely buggy. There is something different every day. Today I get in the car and I was logged out of the system for some reason. I was in a rush so I started driving and you can't...
  13. TaycanNJ

    Rattle/vibration from upper door

    @NaiM5 Thank you so much for this step by step. I have had it at the dealership twice for this issue and it's still not solved. I will be following your guide and doing it myself. Have you had any issues since this was done?
  14. TaycanNJ

    Comfort Access - Very Short Range

    It would be nice if it worked like this, but almost every time I am standing there repeatedly pushing the proximity sensor until it actually locks. I don't understand why it is such shit, especially when a loaner Macan works flawlessly.
  15. TaycanNJ

    Wireless Car Play Alternative????

    I tried the CoPilot wireless CarPlay adapter ( and it also did not work. It connects via a USB-C into the unit but the output is regular USB. I tried it both with a USB-C to USB-C cable and a USB to USB-C adapter. Neither worked. It really boggles my mind that there...
  16. TaycanNJ

    Ditch the PMCC (for now)?

    Finally got the message again and I couldn’t find any option to turn it off. Just the standard menu and charging history icons at the bottom. Strange.
  17. TaycanNJ

    Who'll Be The First On This Forum To Take Delivery In The Tri-State?

    Yeah, I take my chances with it, because it looks so much better without. I've had no plate on all my cars the last 15+ years. Usually don't get bothered about it. (knock on wood)
  18. TaycanNJ

    Ditch the PMCC (for now)?

    No way! How did I miss that option in the settings? I will check it out. THANK YOU!
  19. TaycanNJ

    Who'll Be The First On This Forum To Take Delivery In The Tri-State?

    I got my 4S on May 15th in New Jersey. I think it was one of the first deliveries from the dealer.