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  1. wmras

    New Taycan Owner - charging frustration with mobile app!

    55F. Will check the battery temperature before and after next time. I also selected seat heating for all four seats (do not know the level used by the Connect app).
  2. wmras

    New Taycan Owner - charging frustration with mobile app!

    If you normally plug-in your car when you arrive home and recharge immediately, you can warm the battery and car later (e.g., next morning) using charger energy by using the Connect app to preheat the car an hour before you leave (no timers, just use the pre-heat / cool button’s one hour...
  3. wmras

    Ooh, warm seats and steering wheel

    We call low heat and high ventilation fan the hair and clothes drying mode - we live in the Pacific Northwest where we still get rain. :)
  4. wmras


    Why not both?
  5. wmras

    Don Breaks His Taycan - The Saga of the 12v Battery

    I think the 12V system behaves like it is part of an ICE car and cannot “start the car” (activate the 800V system) to reduce vampire drain and possibly for some safety issues. Consider always turning the car off manually, lock the car with the remote (even at home), and take the key >30 feet...
  6. wmras

    NEMA 14-50 position in garage for PMCC

    Will be our solution for a second EV.
  7. wmras

    Got my new VIN today - time frame from here??

    About six weeks after VIN at the earliest - two weeks at the factory and four weeks minimum for factory pickup. Have taken delivery at both locations at about two months delay (part of it from the US is proof of ownership 30 days in advance).
  8. wmras

    fixing Innodrive - a trip report

    I drive around potholes and manhole covers to avoid damage and make the drive as smooth as possible - drives my wife nuts.
  9. wmras

    New clarification from Porsche on Long Term Storage - with a bonus

    Consider plugging in the charger, locking the car with your key, and using the connect app every week or so to pre-condition the car to 70 degrees (or another temperature you like). This will cause the 800V battery to wake up and also recharge the 12V battery. Try it before you leave. Our...
  10. wmras

    New Taycan Owner - charging frustration with mobile app!

    One side benefit of simply plugging in the charger when you arrive (home, work, etc.) is you are charging a warm battery - especially better in the winter.
  11. wmras

    Deed done...

    Love the metal roof but it was not available. Our friends love the glass roof!
  12. wmras

    12V socket in rear boot/trunk - is it switched or continuous ?

    Switched. There are no continuous 12V sockets.
  13. wmras

    Tire Pressure - Full or Partial Load?

    I use 40 psi (2.75 bar) at 68F (20C) on all four wheels for partial load (Turbo S). Perfect and easy to remember.
  14. wmras

    Taycan locked me out while charging

    Did this today in our garage.Taycan was plugged in the the PMCC (already fully charged) with key in front cup holder; turned car off; shut door; went in house and used Connect app to pre-heat car; ran to check car access after reading your predicament; car was unlocked! Wife reminded me the...
  15. wmras

    Loud windshield wipers

    I agree - our Turbo S is much quieter.
  16. wmras

    Poll - did you get the Power Charge Port and would you change if you could?

    No gas experience in Oregon - the law requires a station attendant refuel your vehicle!
  17. wmras

    Summer vs All Season

    Interesting data. Some summer tires cannot be stored or driven at or below freezing. When we drive our cars with summer tires near or below freezing, we never stop until we get back home.
  18. wmras

    Ask a Porsche Dealer Anything

    After four bespoke Porsche’ in the last eight years, nothing has changed. Local dealers do not know an early lock date until it is too late to change anything. Have learned to make sure of our options two weeks in advance of the estimated lock date.
  19. wmras

    Auto tightening seatbelts

    Explains a lot of confusion.