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  1. Let’s talk brakes on a 4S....standard red or PSCB...

    Calibers were bigger for 2020...not for 2021. Rotors are slightly larger. I don’t have firsthand knowledge of increased stopping power, but apparently most of the braking is regenerative.
  2. What do you think of these wheels?

    Who's doing the color-match paint? The manufacturer or the vendor?
  3. Custom Mod: Painted Front Bumper Vents on Taycan

    I'm not feeling it. But what's up with that plate? Can't be real.
  4. PSCB Brake Order Delay

    I guess this means you’re getting the smaller 6 piston calipers? That’s why I pulled them from my 2021 order. I wanted the 10s from the 2020 model.