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  1. PSCB Brake Order Delay

    Dealer confirmed PSCB on my November build only one week delay from original V250 date of 11/27. Delivery(V900) now expected 2/12/21
  2. PSCB Brake Order Delay

    My Arizona dealer confirmed no Taycan PSCB delay on end November production. However they were notified of a PSCB delay on Cayenne and Macan models.
  3. NEPTUNE BLUE Taycan Club

    Beautiful color! Is the interior Olea Leather Basalt Black/Marenti Brown? If so, please post additional photos. Thanks.
  4. Final specs

    I’m also finalizing the interior with Carrera White. Not a big fan of the all black leather and have been debating other two tone choices. One of the new 2021 Olea leathers is Basalt Black/Marenti Brown. My dealer had samples and I was impressed although it’s pricey.