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  1. Privacy Glass Discrepancy

    Thanks for confirming. I have mine scheduled to arrive in the next couple of weeks, and would have been annoyed.
  2. Privacy Glass Discrepancy

    Hi All. A friend of mine received his Taycan today, specced with Privacy Glass. While the rear sidewindows are dark tinted, the rear screen (rear windscreen) appears to be either untinted, or at the very least, much less tinted by comparison. Is this intentional because of visibility laws...
  3. Director as registered keeper rather than the limited company

    I am in the same boat as some of you, and would appreciate advice. With the car being leased by a company, but registering myself as the keeper (v5c), does this make business car insurance on the car cheaper, or allow you to get personal car insurance on a company car? Thanks for any help.
  4. Switch Taycan from 11KW to 22KW? Upgradekit?

    I was told the same thing by my dealer when placing my order. Had the option of waiting a couple of weeks and getting the 22kW model in Jan. The only issue here, is that by then, the UK may be out of the EU without a deal, and if that is the case, the price of the car would rise by at least 10%...
  5. Switch Taycan from 11KW to 22KW? Upgradekit?

    In exactly the same boat. Would be very interested in the upgrade, if it becomes available.