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  1. Show your home charging setup

    Location: İstanbul Three-phase capacity but taycan accepts 9.6kw/h
  2. Pirelli unveils new Elect tires for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles

    I am using these tires, more noise than goodyears but better traction. Same comfort levels
  3. Shmee150 Review: Is the Taycan Turbo S the Electric Car for Me to Buy

    If you want to watch any of his videos, just skip the first 60 seconds to avoid the unbearable fake voices and close-up face shots.
  4. Range at 90mph?

    Outside temperature is the key here.
  5. My new wheels - HRE S104 on Taycan Turbo

    It makes sense. What i was saying is that your wheels and mine will probably have the same efficiency, both use the same tires, same diameter, open spokes and similar weight.
  6. My new wheels - HRE S104 on Taycan Turbo

    It’s definitely bluish. Very similar to bmw silverstone color
  7. My new wheels - HRE S104 on Taycan Turbo

    Are you saying 21 mission e and 21 hre will be different ? I think tire sizes will change the consumption more than the wheels
  8. My new wheels - HRE S104 on Taycan Turbo

    Its gonna be the same as any other 21 inch taycan
  9. My new wheels - HRE S104 on Taycan Turbo

    Dolomite silver
  10. Bose Speakers Rattling

    Sadly, it happens. The best way to avoid as much as possible is to select linear and lower bass.
  11. My new wheels - HRE S104 on Taycan Turbo

    What do you think ?
  12. Range at 90mph?

    Around 380-420kms
  13. Driver seat squeaks

    Its so annoying, i think it comes from inside of the seat, 18 way sport with heat and cool, whenever my upper left side of my back moves it happens. Anyone had a similar issue ? Also, passander door rattles, with medium bass, and even if the sterio is off, still rattles over bad roads and...
  14. OEM factory option retrofits?

    When you say Acc, you mean cruise control ?
  15. Finally, my Taycan is here!

    After waiting for several months, yesterday I received my Taycan Turbo. Since i have taken it from the dealership, i have driven over 300km. I am incredibly happy with it, the suspension travel is incredible, instant torque is crazy fun and the overall quality is top notch. The sport sound...
  16. How can I change my country flag?

    Hello, I am also from Turkey, not Uk. Much appreciated
  17. do I really need Sport Chrono?

    Historically, sport chrono has always been more resale friendly. In the Taycan, it gives you easy access to the driving modes as well, without it changing settings in the taycan is really not easy at all because it is touch only. Basically, better resale, easy access to the modes and much safer...