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  1. My2021 UK car recall

    Mine is 2 weeks from now. You enjoying it.
  2. My2021 UK car recall

    Our cars must be travelling together as mine is also going to Cambridge in 2 weeks
  3. Auto tightening seatbelts

    I test drive the turbo in the uk and it had it and then I test drove the 4s and it didn’t. I have ordered a 4s so I am not expecting it
  4. Model year cut-off date?

    Any car that’s build after the 1st of September is a MY2021 Dealer confirmed my order is a MY2021 delivery start of December build slot start of November. Apparently it take 4 weeks from factory build to delivery here in the uk.
  5. Must have UK options

    I believe the grant is only applicable to an EV under the 50k mark in the UK
  6. Options cut off period.

    Yes that is the delivery date. We have ordered the car through a company called tusker and through my wife’s work to get the tax benefit. my wife is also amazing as she has just told me that she ordered the Bose 5 weeks ago, she was trying to keep it a surprise but I wouldn’t stop going on...
  7. Options cut off period.

    I have been told if I change it will move my date to April. Wanted to add Bose and the passenger screen. Are these worth waiting till April
  8. Options cut off period.

    does anyone know when Porsche no longer lets you make changes to the spec. Am expecting the car mid December.
  9. Lucid Air launch today.

    I believe they will be successful. I think the luxury will depend on how you spec the vehicle. I believe the start price is going to be around the $50,000 mark so for an electric car very reasonable if this is the case. They won’t be able to compete price wise with Porsche as your not just...
  10. Lucid Air launch today.

    Who is excited to see the launch of the lucid air and how it compares to the taycan and Tesla model s. If what they claim to date is true it’s going to be a mean machine.

    I blocked out the plate

    Mine arrives in December. My spec is

    Spotted this on Sunday in Edinburgh, The waits hard enough, let alone this being parked next to me in the car park.
  14. Hot Weather Driving Experience

    I didn’t pick the pano option, due to the fact that It’s more for your passengers rather than the driver.
  15. Drove her hard

    The problem is 98 feels like 50 In the taycan. You where incredibly lucky. The taycan is a defo license looser
  16. 5 INSANE Features Of The 2020 PORSCHE TAYCAN TURBO! - Vehicle Virgins

    It’s a most have option in my opinion
  17. New Members Say Hello Here!

    When I test drove it, The smile on my face. Also the first EV experience I have had so combine first time driving a Porsche and EV loved it.