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  1. from V260 to V300

    does this site have an English version?
  2. from V260 to V300

    its been 10days now and still no news on my car still in port waiting to be shipped it took less than 10 days to put the car together :headbang:
  3. how to pull my car build from the VIN

    is it possible to check my car build and options list from the VIN ??? thanks
  4. from V260 to V300

    thanks a lot interesting information
  5. from V260 to V300

    thanks any idea how long that might take ?? thanks
  6. from V260 to V300

    i got a whatsapp from my dealer today that my car is a V300 now all seems good now just waiting for the ship name or vessel name car now in "compound bermerheven" have no idea what is that
  7. from V260 to V300

    just wondering how long it takes Porsche to finish Taycan mine is now on V260 after 10 days from V250 when it will reach V300 and wish there was a way to the progress live ... that will add to the buying experience
  8. Ask a Porsche Dealer Anything

    question please ... I just got v260 .. how long for the car to finish production? and to the ship thanks
  9. Taycan Order Tracking Guide (V Codes / Status Explained)

    for example stitching will delay order by 30 days "my dealer " and that could make you lose your slot in the production
  10. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    hello order created 15-10 order locked 31-10 dealers saying its V250 how long till it leaves the factory to the port I'm thinking 2-3 weeks ??!?!?!? then 1 month at sea to Kuwait or I'm very optimistic ?
  11. 400v 16amp. or 32amp

    good for me usually, my daily driving is 50-60KM a day so I'm fine I guess
  12. ICE GREY Taycan Club

    the dealer replied back .... no can do the car is locked now cant change anything
  13. PCM Hands-Free Phone Call Quality (Excess Road Noise)

    how do you compare it to taycan ?? I had the same car and I traded it in for the taycan turbo s "deliver Feb 2021 I hope " I hope I made the right choice and sorry if I'm off-topic
  14. ICE GREY Taycan Club

    just messaged my Porsche dealer asked him to change my taycan color from white to ice gray ... hope I still can change it
  15. do I really need Sport Chrono?

    let me rephrase that .. what I meant is all cars will have LC my understanding is that when you have Chrono you will have OVERBOOST while LCing correct me if I'm wrong
  16. do I really need Sport Chrono?

    im not sure but I think Chrono gives the car overboost launch control
  17. New PCM Features for Taycan - Apple Podcasts & Music’s Time-Synced Lyrics for Passenger Display [2021 now equipped with Wireless Apple Carplay]

    I read the Porsche announcement for 2021 cant find anything about wireless Carplay are you Sure Raedwald you are talking about Carplay, not apple music? thanks
  18. SportDesign Package Carbon YES or no

    i sent a msg to the dealer asking if I still can edit my build ... waiting for his reply
  19. SportDesign Package Carbon YES or no

    confused about whether to option this Sport package or not is it Over or is it a good addon to the car here is my build