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  1. ThomasDK

    Is 100% really 88% full?

    The usable battery is 83,7 kwh Total is 93.4 kwh You can not use the difference = 9.7kwh
  2. ThomasDK

    4S Brake upgrade or not..

    They will brake better, going from 6 to 10 piston and a lot more brake area. And the car is very heavy. when you see the yellow or white calibers they look like on a super car. So huge. but I have not seen the red ones yet. and of cause there will be normal brakes is black when we se the...
  3. ThomasDK

    Paint options on side view mirrors.

    This is standard for the 4s, black, maybe just plastic.
  4. ThomasDK

    Aftermarket changes

    You Can order that in Europe From Porsche
  5. ThomasDK

    Tires, other options

    When you change the configurator here in Europe, the km per charge changes! Data for 4s 93,4 kWh battery 19” is 462km combined 20” Turbo is 467km 20” 4s is 461km 21” mission e 421km 21” aero with white/yellow calibers 420km 21” aero with red calibers 424km so no change from 19 to 20” rims But a...
  6. ThomasDK

    Porsche Taycan Configurator Online. Share Your Build!

    Hi Jacob! Skal du til åbenthus i weekenden? Hej Thomas Fyn
  7. ThomasDK

    Info about Taycan now available online

    The app gives you a opportunity to download the manual, But it is not a pdf. A log of data in the app appears. Tried it with the Macan
  8. ThomasDK

    Info about Taycan now available online

    We can not use this app, strange
  9. ThomasDK

    Info about Taycan now available online

    Please share, if possible Denmark is also saying, coming soon!
  10. ThomasDK

    Comfort for Tall Driver

    I am 6.1 and no problem with the legs, but the head was a problem in back. Only tried with the solar roof!
  11. ThomasDK

    Launch control on 4S ?

  12. ThomasDK

    Launch control on 4S ?

    Lots of Lauch in 4s but only in snow
  13. ThomasDK

    Forum member test drives

    The reason Porsche uses the brake pedal for recuperating is it is the only way to be able to drive the car really hard! I also love 1 pedal driving, but I understand the choice! And the Taycan can recup so much power, if it was in the speeder pedal, it was like hard breaking when you lift the food!
  14. ThomasDK

    So based on the new EPA "Range" are you cancelling?

    The BMW actually has 2 Upgrades, from 22 to 33 and now 44 kw in the same way! People are starting to chance the 5 years old battery just because of the extra range they get!
  15. ThomasDK

    Help! White or Carrera White Met

    I do not thing you Can see the difference. I was also thinking white, and at my Porsche center the dealer really had to look at the cars to tell me witch one were metallic or not! It was cloudy not sunny the day! I changed to Silver
  16. ThomasDK

    Charging to 100%?

    Same Text as the Danish.
  17. ThomasDK

    Charging to 100%?

    Maybe someone got the same document in English!? But I was also surprised, for the buffer in the porsche battery is Very conservative. I drive a BMW i3, and I can not change the charging. Always to 100%. They also write: Parking for more than 2 weeks the % must be within 20-50%
  18. ThomasDK

    Porsche Mobile Charger connect / Home Energy Manager info

    Thanks Looks like a Very advanced charger, nice. Build in RCD typeB is saving me 400€ on the installation. 11kw here in Denmark where we have 3 phases. And the spec:
  19. ThomasDK

    Charging to 100%?

    When I ordered the car there was a Garantie paper, and it says “for every day use the car must be adjuster to 80% max charge”. If you can read Danish