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  1. Is Your Dealer Showing You The Love?

    Invite to: - Winter Experience, Norway (January) - Porsche DNA, Zuffenhausen (February) - Taycan laps at Porsche Experience Center, Hockenheimring (February)
  2. Taycan 4s April delivery

    I sugested that to my dealer back in November, and to follow the transport to the destination (GPS, Web camera at ports, Wessel Tracker etc.) They liked the idea and would pass it to Porsche AG. Maybe, you will follow your next Porsche online from cradle to grave:like:
  3. 2020 Porsche Taycan 4S Has No Time for Your Winter Driving Worries

    My former generation 1 eGolf had default coasting, but you could select 4 regenration moduses, D1, D2, D3 and B.
  4. Delete Taycan 4s lettering or not?

    I agree with your son and have deleted it on mine.:like:
  5. EPA Taycan Turbo

    Look at the numbers for MPGe for city and highway underneath: Tesla Model 3: 124 - 116 = 8 Tesla Model S: 115 - 107 = 8 Tesla Model X: 99 - 93 = 6 Porsche Taycan T: 68 - 71 = - 3 !!! There is less difference between city and highway driving for Taycan.
  6. EPA Taycan Turbo

    It's not quite like that. For Tesla that has an efficient drive train use less energy than Taycan to drive the car forward, but I assume the amount of energy to heat up the coupe is more or less the same if the coupe is of the same size. I guess actually that the coupe of Taycan is smaller and...
  7. EPA Taycan Turbo

    I don't think it's the battery that is the problem. If my previous eGolf had 93kWh battery, I probably wouldn't have switched to Tesla. eGolf is more efficient that Tesla, because it's a smaller car. The problem with Taycan, if you see it as a problem, is the drivetrain, cabling as someone...
  8. Porsche takes 30,000 deposits in Europe for Taycan so far

    Seems like they doing like Tesla. Produce cars for over seas first, then their own continent, and all the cars delivers to the customers in the same month. This may be only for the first batch. My dealer said to me that they stack up cars for delivery at almost the same time. He said it some...
  9. 2020 Porsche Taycan: Official Specs, Info, Wallpapers, Videos

    If you get only 180 miles in reality, youŕe probably on a race track speeding to the limits or you normally have really bad weather conditions. I know you can have bad weather I Colorado, but's not unlike the winters in Norway. We doing fine with all types of EVs. You learn your EV and adapt...
  10. 2020 Taycan 4S Reviews Are Here! (Articles & Videos)

    I think you doing the right thing to survey the ability of charging on the routes you think will use. Maybe you will do OK 90% of the times, then you may ask your self if there are other options for the remaining 10%. Could you use a second car for a while to the charging infrastructure becomes...
  11. What Colour Did you go for?

    I went for the flat white, because I wanted a light color to better show the lines. Instead of spending money on metallic white, I rather save the money to wrap the car if I find a better color of my liking.
  12. Help! White or Carrera White Met

    I went for the flat white and hardtop. Flat white because I wanted a light color to better show the lines. I stead of spending money on metallic white, I rather save the money to wrap the car if I find a better color of my liking. I went for the hardtop because as @Bikergal said, it's looks more...
  13. Charging to 100%?

    I don't drive much on daily basis, so I charge my Tesla once a week to 90% except when I travel away on weekends. I probably do the same with the Taycan.
  14. Charging to 100%?

    Performance Battery Plus Gross Battery Capacity: 93.4 kWh Net Battery Capacity: 83.7 kWh Buffer: 93.4 - 83.7 = 9.7 kWh = 10% of gross capacity When you charge to "100%", you really charge to 90% of full capacity (Gross) No worries:)
  15. When do the Turbo / Turbo S’s Showroom cars arrive at dealership?

    I asked my dealer in Norway, and he didn’t know yet. They don’t know how much the delay will put back the delivery of showroom/demo cars. He assumed that they will NOT receive any showroom/demo cars in December, but he hoped for January.
  16. Charging to 100%?

    Basically all EV manufactors except Tesla do it this way. When I get mine, I will charge to 100% knowing that there is a buffer.
  17. Charging to 100%?

    There is a different in how Porsche and Tesla manage available capasity. Porsche has added a buffer and you will not be able to charge to 100%, only ~90%. Meanwhile, Tesla gives you the whole capasity and you can charge to 100%. Therefor Tesla recommend you to charge to 80-90% for daily use.
  18. Charging to 100%?

    I had an eGolf. Can’t remember that was the case for it. It’s probably a mix up. 80% is true for Tesla (80-90%) with no buffer. However, the car manufactors are conservative regarding garantees, like 70% degration in 8 yrs for an EV with battery management and cooling.
  19. Getting Porsche Mobile Charger Connect before car delivery

    I have mounted two TWC at my parents. One for my parents’ eGolf and one for my Tesla when I am on visit. The two are mounted in balance. There is no problem with that, but you may need to own a Tesla to be able to buy from Tesla. However, there is nothing to stop you from buy from private. Tesla...
  20. Glacier blue and Coming Home/Leaving Home animation

    My dealer told me because the lights is blue, it can only be used when parked and it will more or less be a gadget. E.g. commercial with Cross Turismo