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  1. My Gentian Blue Turbo S delivered

    they’ve had a succession of executives who are quite hostile to EV. They wasted so much time and work. I’m skeptical they survive the transition as anything other than a husk
  2. Is 100% really 88% full?

    agreed. Given they recommend charging parameters basically like a Tesla (20-80% is ideal, not too low, not too high) I think it’s a mistake to assume the reserved capacity is simply a top buffer, or behaves in some linear way as unused capacity. We don’t know how it’s being used, and we don‘t...
  3. 4S Brake upgrade or not..

    no. Overall the performance characteristics are the same for street use. The ceramics are much cleaner with almost no brake dust and last much longer. Under heavy use (the track) ceramics won’t fade as Iron brakes do after they get very hot. Ironically many people won’t track them because...
  4. Neodyme og standard (black) interior accents..

    Like Dee, I preferred the Neodymium high lights with the tan interior.
  5. 4S Brake upgrade or not..

    The brakes are a vanity purchase, and I say that as someone getting the ceramics. There’s no kill like overkill. If you’re super concerned about corrosion due to your climate, you could consider the PSCB. but probably still excessive.
  6. Taycan Range, Battery Longevity, Charging and Related concerns

    I hit 98Kw / 100km on my test drive. Lol.
  7. Porsche Taycan Configurator Online. Share Your Build!

    Side airbags are an option in Germany ? How uncivilized.
  8. Taycan buyers: what is your financial means? [anonymous]

    It’s pretty clear the taycan is driving new interest in Porsche. I think they said approx half the reservations were from people who didn’t own a Porsche.
  9. Taycan dream car

    Yeah, I liked the mission E doors a lot. The first two imagined GT renders are meh. It looks like a Porsche had an freak baby with an R8, and it got a little too much of the other parent.
  10. AsburyAuto review of 2020 Taycan vs 2019 Tesla Model S

    the model S refresh will happen this year, based on the prototypes at the Nurburgring. Elon claimed “summer”
  11. Which Colors ?

    I do agree, but I also have the feeling the blue in motion will be more fun / silly / distinctive. So a conundrum. Unlike Pulze, though, I appear to have like 6 months to decide :-o. Hopefully YouTube will help solve my problem in April or May.
  12. Which Colors ?

    I’m struggling with the same decision...
  13. Dealing with the front license plate

    there are also magnetic solutions for sale, fwiw.
  14. Porsche Taycan Turbo S (J1) Accelerating & Braking (2019)

    The acceleration is pretty difficult to believe. The braking reminds me though, there’s no cheating physics. 5100# at 90mph is a bitch to stop.
  15. Porsche Taycan Configurator Online. Share Your Build!

    ah, I appear to have misread the 4S configurator for standard equipment. Those are iron. If you’re concerned about this, the PSCB are almost $6000 cheaper and more than enough for corrosion concerns due to irregular use. The PSCB come standard on the Turbo so there isn’t any need to upgrade...
  16. 2020 Taycan 4S Reviews Are Here! (Articles & Videos)

    tesla has mobile chargers to cover broken charging stations. Pretty cool / bizarre. Imagine an 18 wheel rig filled with power station batteries. but it’d be way easier to just tow your vehicle to a dc charger on a flat bed.
  17. Which Colors ?

    Pretty sure Felix has a plan. I don’t believe pts is available at all (yet) and the exclusive options announced are already in the configurator. I assume as they get production under control in a year or two they will offer pts (paint to spec). At that point, for bags of cash, you can also...
  18. Automobile Magazine - The Porsche Taycan is the 2020 Design of the Year

    if not for the tear drop front and the second set of door handles ... I actually kinda wish the 992 kept more of the hood design from the 991 so these two lines had more distinction. I’m perfectly aok with the taycan not being a 911.
  19. Panoramic fixed glass roof v Aluminium roof

    the structural integrity isn’t compromised. You can see published taycan crash test videos. Historically Porsche glass roofs are slightly heavier and thicker than aluminum to achieve this. I’ve test driven a taycan. Noise is not a concern. At all. Lack of noise might be. It is by far the...
  20. Which Colors ?

    those are after market tires. I’m guessing the stripe is a wrap. So, yes, you can too