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  1. Scandinavian

    My Gentian Blue Turbo S delivered

    That’s funny because I just checked it on the UK Porsche site, and here it is!
  2. Scandinavian

    My Gentian Blue Turbo S delivered

    I believe that is standard equipment in the UK for a Turbo! Do not know about the other models though. Check the spec on standard equipment.
  3. Scandinavian

    Porsche Taycan Configurator Online. Share Your Build!

    No jeans colour may be a bit harsh to say. I have white colour seats in one car and also very light grey colour leather in another car. Both cars are treated by a Car Detailer with some products and we have in three years ownership not had any problems with jeans staining , nor any problems...
  4. Scandinavian

    Is 100% really 88% full?

    Seems an awful lot to have in reserve and not being used. And thinking of the cost for the 4S battery upgrade we pay for it but do not get anything for that reserve. They must be super conservative with their estimate of battery life? Maybe they will release more of the capacity once they get...
  5. Scandinavian

    19.2kW (AC) charging option on Taycan?

    Great to hear that the option is coming. But the price seems excessive, especially compared to the upgrade from 50 to 150 kW DC charging, which is about half of that? Probably too early to be exact as yet?
  6. Scandinavian

    4S Brake upgrade or not..

    I do agree a bit that there is a bit of vanity involved, but I think the larger steel brakes look the part for the car. The standard 4S brakes look to me a bit out of place for such a large car and 20 inch wheels. I know you might not really need them apart from really hammering it, but they...
  7. Scandinavian

    Attention: Site software upgrade coming

    +1 Very appreciated
  8. Scandinavian

    Taycan Range, Battery Longevity, Charging and Related concerns

    Thanks for writing a really great post with a lot of insight. You clearly have gained a lot of experience from during EV’s! Thanks for sharing. I am very keen to hear your experience over time about practical range, charging and usability on daily driving and also for long trip driving. As I am...
  9. Scandinavian

    Porsche Taycan Configurator Online. Share Your Build!

    A lot of these specs are very personal and great! The only thing I would have added would be the 4 +1 seating arrangement. My reasoning for that is that the back seats look to be configured so that you can fold down the middle sat and put skies through, while still having 4 people in the car...
  10. Scandinavian

    My Gentian Blue Turbo S delivered

    Beautiful car! Congratulations! I am not jealous at all? ;) That is a very nice colour when you see it like that in the sun. And I love your wheels. I hope you will find the time to give some feedback when the weather allows you to take the beast out for a spin. I have read a lot about the...
  11. Scandinavian

    19.2kW (AC) charging option on Taycan?

    You are correct, that seems to be the contract price. And I assume Taycan owners will get the first three years monthly fee for free. But after that period it will a subscription model. I think this is so wrong and anti competitive. It would not surprise me if the EU or Governments now...
  12. Scandinavian

    19.2kW (AC) charging option on Taycan?

    Not free in Europe! Free Access but kWh costs on top. Albeit at Porsche ""Preferential" rates. 0.35 Euro per kWh. I still think Ionity Bored Members must have eaten some Magic Mushrooms for Breakfast before the Meeting
  13. Scandinavian

    Free Charging for Taycan for 3 years

    Interesting that there will be three years free charging? I read the Taycan info that the access was free for three years in EU at least. From your link from Ionity Europe I copied the following: "Reach your destination safely and quickly. Porsche customers benefit from uncompromising...
  14. Scandinavian

    Taycan Range Estimator based on WLTP like figures for USA

    Yes hardware upgrade most certainly included in the price if you are interested !!
  15. Scandinavian

    19.2kW (AC) charging option on Taycan?

    Have you had a chance to enquire what the charging rates will be for your Taycan at these chargers. I have just seen that IONITY here in Europe have released their new charging prices. 0.79 euro cent per kWh. It will mean I will pay quite a bit more to drive a Taycan on a long trip through...
  16. Scandinavian

    UK and Ireland fast charging

    11 kW charger at home is sufficient when you can charge at non peak hours during the night. If you use the car daily and plug it in every night it will work very well. I am not sure about the news from Ionity though as released today...
  17. Scandinavian

    19.2kW (AC) charging option on Taycan?

    You Will be fine. If the charger is capable to deliver up to 22 kW, it will be regulated by the charger in the car. For AC charging it is the cars charger that brings it up to 800 volt for the battery. You will not damage the car in any way!
  18. Scandinavian

    Home charging in the UK

    There must be some miscommunications here. You are correct that the Porsche Charger Connect should be able to change up to 11 kW. But that is on a three phase connection. Andersen May have stated the charger as connected to a normal wall socket with single phase and 13 amp max. That would...
  19. Scandinavian

    Garage / Gate opening function

    Very valid point, unless you can program a PIN to start and drive the car?
  20. Scandinavian

    Porsche Taycan Configurator Online. Share Your Build!

    Hi and first of all welcome to the Forum. Nice to see further orders from Denmark. I know cars are extremely expensive in Denmark, but do EV’s get some advantage compared to ICE cars? My previous experience was that there were huge tax on cars in Denmark. Your build looks very nice and it is...