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  1. jkoya

    Used e-tron GT prices

    I seriously looked at the e-Tron GT (especially with the Costco incentives) and do like the design. Two things swayed me to the Cross Turismo - Estate/station wagon format and Mamba Green Metallic paint color... I've yet to see an e-tron GT on the road here in my part of northern, CA..
  2. jkoya

    Homelink and rear camera nuisance

    Backing into the garage would be another option to help with this....
  3. jkoya

    My road trip to Monterey Car Week 2023 (Cross Turismo 4S)

    Just curious how many Taycans were there - were you the only one ? Gorgeous pics BTW !
  4. jkoya

    Tesla Price Drop

    On a trip to get pizza in St. Helena, we counted 30 (I think..) White Model Ys between Davis and Fairfield. Not in the 1 minute time frame though....
  5. jkoya

    MAMBA GREEN Taycan Club

    Nice Mini Cooper SE also !!!
  6. jkoya

    Used 4CT Feedback Request -- Bellevue WA & Deerfield Beach FL

    I agree with @WasserGKuehlt and go with the color you like. I have Mamba Green and I love it !! In my area of Northern CA, nobody pays attention to the car or its color. It's just a station wagon to most folks in the parking lot. This sounds quite cheap. I'm assuming it's an open carrier being...
  7. jkoya

    Is there still major delays at port?

    Mine was at the Port of Benicia when that huge fire broke out last year. I didn't know where Amports stored the cars that came off the transport vessel. I was worried about smoke damage. In the end, the fire was not the reason for the 2 month wait at Benicia. Lots of rumors on the cause of the...
  8. jkoya

    Anyone else got "fungus green PTS" door rubbers for free like I did?

    That's the discontinued Mamba Green deviated rubber door trim option.. On a serios note though, did you find any traces of it anywhere else ?
  9. jkoya

    Is there still major delays at port?

    You may also experience a delay at the Port of Benicia. Mine was there for over 8 weeks before it was transported to Porsche of Stevens Creek...
  10. jkoya

    Time for New Tires

    My Cross Turismo came with the 20" Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Seasons and IMHO they are terrible. I'm also in Northern CA and drove the car during all the rainstorms at the beginning of the year. The car felt like it had no wet traction and was not a confidence builder. I will be looking for...
  11. jkoya

    20" Vs 21" Wheels Comfort and Handling

    My Cross Turismo came with the 20" Turbo Design Wheels and when I switched to aftermarket 21" forged Signature Wheels, I did notice the ride was slightly harsher. Used to it now though... Didn't think much about it, as the 20" wheels had all-season tires and the 21" wheels have summer only...
  12. jkoya

    Issue with TPMS Reset

    Did you check to see if Full Load is activated in the PCM under tire pressure monitoring ? Go to settings, vehicle, tire pressure monitoring, next option is check mark for full or partial load activation. Please disregard if you already checked this.....
  13. jkoya

    Porsche mobile charger plus vs level 2 home ev charger

    Our local Costco (Northern CA) had the Wallbox Pulsar Plus 40 amp EVSE for around $449.99 (can't remember the actual price). Power sharing capable and 25 foot cable according to the box. They had a stack of them. I have no experience with Wallbox (Schneider, Tesla, ChargePoint and Autel EVSE...
  14. jkoya


    Welcome !!
  15. jkoya

    OTA Software Update (July 17, 2023)!

    System up to date for me also...... This was a flashback to my early days with Tesla. Forum would say there is a new update and I would constantly check the car to see if it was ready for download.....
  16. jkoya

    MAMBA GREEN Taycan Club

    I went with full exterior Xpel PPF and Xpel Fusion ceramic. My Cross Turismo is a Costco and Home Depot hauler, so I wanted the extra PPF coverage. If you do go the PPF route, find yourself a good installer that you are comfortable with and trust. The attached pic is after 3 weeks with no...
  17. jkoya

    What was your handover like

    I got two leather keychains, a set of all season Taycan floor mats and a $250 gift card to the parts department - which I used to buy the Cross Turismo all season cargo mat. Also a handful of Kirkland bottled water for the 125 mile drive home. Honestly, it was more than I was expecting after...
  18. jkoya

    Perhaps now pointless picture of Mamba CT4S with Blackberry interior

    I agree !! What makes it worse is there is no retractable shade for it. I have the panoramic roof tinted and I can still feel the heat coming in from the roof on summer days (especially on days over 100 F). Finally bought a sunshade for it. Not the prettiest thing in the world, but it works. I...
  19. jkoya

    PSA - Beware of TPMSdirect

    I bought a set of TPMS for my new Signature Wheels last December 2022 from 3 of 4 are being flagged by the Taycan as TPMS battery low. I've emailed TPMSdirect Customer Service for help several times and crickets !! Beware if you are thinking of placing an order with them...
  20. jkoya

    Perhaps now pointless picture of Mamba CT4S with Blackberry interior

    Your color combos are absolutely gorgeous !!! I'm still jealous you can get any kind of Turismo without the Panoramic Roof..... I was forced to get it in the US and I hate it - Grrrr...