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  1. jvdsanden

    Porsche Roofbox without roofbars on a panorama roof... possible w/ Treefrog Crossbar Roof Carrier Black

    Yes, Taycanlovers this is possible.. With the Treefrog Crossbar Roof Carrier Black. I took the risk and it worked. Many faces with frowning eyebrows at the charging locations and while driving. A lot of attention from how this roof box was mounted on the roof. I drove 3800 km (2300 miles)...
  2. jvdsanden

    Did you notice that the Porsche Taycan is delivered without Electrically operated steering column?

    For a car from the premium class and especially if you have seat memory, this should be standard, or am I too spoiled? You cannot get it as an option and it was present when the car was introduced (I was able to find the latter via YouTube). When I mentioned it at Porsche they told me this was...
  3. jvdsanden

    White Taycan CT or sedan, with XPEL(PPF) stealth front

    Do somebody have his white (or other color) Taycan CT of sedan done with a PPF stealth/satin full or partly front wrapping only? I think this looks great, but I would like to see it on a picture...