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  1. Jono

    Lego Taycan

    Not a fan sorry. A bit rough
  2. Jono

    Taycan Sales Declining

    I think it depends entirely what market and what city they are looking at. My sons elementary school alone has at least 10 different Taycans that I've spotted, with around 4 of them being added since the start of the school year here (Feb).
  3. Jono

    Sudden lag during an overtake today. Is this normal?

    Really? Compared to the sports mode I think it is quite noticeable if you accelerate hard in normal mode.
  4. Jono

    Sudden lag during an overtake today. Is this normal?

    Sounds like you were in normal mode and the downshift in gears when you accelerate hard. It wont happen in Sport or Sportplus mode. I tend to stay in Sports mode almost all of the time unless the road is really bumpy, when you forget and leave it in normal that downshift jolt is not pleasant.
  5. Jono

    Stuttgart to Sydney...and beyond

    Public charging here is ok but definitely not keeping pace with the amount of new EVs on the roads. So many TESLAs on the Gold Coast. If I had to mainly rely on the public charging I wouldn’t have jumped to electric yet. Sports sound is both internal and external. People will hear it. Anyway...
  6. Jono

    Stuttgart to Sydney...and beyond

    Im on the Gold Coast, I was a bit worried about summer here and the pano roof but its been amazing! I get far more heat coming in through the side windows. They have worked some magic with the roof. It really opens up the car interior and makes the back seem far more spacious, definitely add it...
  7. Jono

    Taycan Arcade Game and Video

    Im not sure if this is a Porsche Australia only thing but we just got this. Kind of silly but fun. Taycan Arcade Taycan Arcade | Can you beat me? Got a personal best on Porsche Taycan Arcade
  8. Jono

    Netflix on Apple CarPlay?

    Bugger Android only , I think most of us have iPhones Thanks though
  9. Jono

    Reverse Engineering the Sport Sound Module

    Thats politics for you. I guess we have so many other natural dangers here that EVs rank low on the list ;-)
  10. Jono

    Reverse Engineering the Sport Sound Module

    Not in Australia, so the external sports sound is a very useful option here.
  11. Jono

    Porsche charger or Smappee in Australia/

    Im use the supplied Porsche one in Australia with the 3 phase power upgrade at the board. It works fine. Very easy with the app. I didnt bother with the Home Energy Manager even though it came with the car. I also didn't bother with my initial idea of getting solar installed (even though Im on...
  12. Jono

    Porsche Rear Seat Entertainment (PRSE) Information

    Wouldn't an iPad be a more powerful, more flexible, and easier option?>
  13. Jono

    Beautiful Inside and Out

    Oh dear is that hand sanitizer dripping down over the leather? Why on earth would you put that there??
  14. Jono

    Need advice regarding 4S specs and some more questions.

    I have no idea, presumably not as it makes no noise beyond the faint sound of wheels turning etc unless you turn on the optional sports sound. As it is not required here (yet) it doesn't seem to be a standard fitted feature on any Australian delivered Taycans hence why I said that think the...
  15. Jono

    Need advice regarding 4S specs and some more questions.

    What do you mean, is what true? As mentioned in the article nothing has been mandated yet. " the federal government’s announcement that plans are underway to mandate a minimum sound requirement in electric and hybrid vehicles in Australia " LOL surely you know how governments work, they lend...
  16. Jono

    Need advice regarding 4S specs and some more questions.

    Not in our country (Australia) its not. In any event 'Recent tests conducted in Norway, which has the highest electric vehicle penetration of any developed market in the world, have revealed that the standard warning volume of 56 decibels may not even be loud enough, given other ambient traffic...
  17. Jono

    Need advice regarding 4S specs and some more questions.

    Even my dealer said the Porsche Dashcam wasnt that great, there are much better 3rd party options. Quality of life stuff: Auto folding mirrors are surprisingly handy especially when parking in tight places. Id always spec them. The sports sound seems like a pointless option to many but in real...
  18. Jono

    Reasons NOT to spec the noise/thermal glass option!

    Yes was going to fit them on my GT3 but here in Queensland the risk and cost if you get caught are too much. I just have Waze on all the time and cross my fingers :cool:
  19. Jono

    A/C System does not have various Focused/Diffused/Individual modes

    Oh that would be annoying if it didn't have the other modes, I would have thought it was standard.