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  1. MJH_102383

    What Home Power Washer Do You Use?

    I have gone back and forth between an Adam’s Polishes and Chemical Guys and both are fair. I am looking to upgrade. I have to run a water line to it (via hose) every time so one that can move on wheels is preferable, etc. Electric or gas powered? Preferred PSI? Anyone used a handheld power...
  2. MJH_102383

    Do MY23 Taycan’s ‘Sit Higher’ (proximity to road) than MY20-21?

    This doesn’t make sense I know but when I pull out of my driveway to the left it’s a fairly steep incline and my last 3 Taycan’s MY20-21’s if in the “Lowered” setting (notably not all the way down) it would scrape lightly on the bottom undercarriage. I mistakenly had it lowered in MY23 Taycan...
  3. MJH_102383

    4th Taycan Arrival: MY23 Gentian Blue

    After owning a GT4 and Spyder both in gentian blue and going from a MY20 volcano grey to a MY21 in white/chalk to a MY21 in black/red I finally own one of my all-time favorite Taycan colors… gentian blue. I think this one is my favorite but being OCD with cars and specifically Porsches… I loved...
  4. MJH_102383

    MY23 Taycan Turbo-S Arrived at Dealership; 4th Taycan... Lease vs. Buy?

    Notably I have car problems and yes I do go through cars very fast... I went from a 2020 volcano grey Turbo S Taycan to a 2021 white TS, to a black 2021 TS which I sold to my dad, and now I am onto a gentian blue Turbo S that I would imagine I'll keep for 18-24 months. I cannot imagine keeping...
  5. MJH_102383

    Spacers w/ Rear Wheel Steering & 21” Mission E Wheels

    On my last 3 Taycan’s I ran 12mm front and 10mm rear… new gentian blue coming I am thinking of 15mm front and 12mm rear… is this too much? I drive the car slammed down and push it hard and don’t want to risk any rubbing ever! :)
  6. MJH_102383

    4th Taycan Ordered… Refresh Coming, Advice Needed

    I am wondering if it makes sense to go ahead and purchase (maybe 18mo lease?) a 2023 Turbo S when the refreshed 2024 should be available for order late this year for a summer 2024 delivery? I have owned a 2020 volcano grey Turbo S, a white 2021 and a black 2021 and my plan was to get a...
  7. MJH_102383

    4th Taycan Purchase: Interior for Gentian Blue Turbo S

    Decided to poll the group since I am a diehard Porsche fan it is difficult to narrow down what will look the best. For whatever it is worth my prior Taycan's have been: 2020 Volcano Grey Turbo S w/ black/black interior (loved it, but grey/black was a little boring) 2021 White Turbo S w/...
  8. MJH_102383

    Lease Rather Than Buy for $7.5k Rebate

    Has anyone heard of this? Evidently if we do the lease through Porsche it qualifies as a commercial vehicle and somehow Porsche will give a $7,500 rebate essentially to replicate the tax credit.
  9. MJH_102383

    2021 Taycan Turbo S Black/Red (Philly Area)

    Asking $175,000
  10. MJH_102383

    New Porsche Luxury SUV to Sit Above Cayenne (+Panamera EV!?) 😵‍💫😍
  11. MJH_102383

    Horrible cell phone reception in Taycan - any solutions?

    Let me start by saying I love the Taycan and overall I am very pleased with the car. Nothing is quite like the style/drive/power/looks and out of our 4 Porsche vehicles this is likely my favorite all around. However, I have consistently had cell phone reception issues on roads I have driven...
  12. MJH_102383

    What height do you drive your Taycan in?

    Curious what everyone else is doing!
  13. MJH_102383

    Building out a DIY Car Detail Center in 3-Car Garage - Advice Needed

    Since for years and years I have been going to a local car wash place to have all my cars detailed I have finally decided to start doing it myself. After having a "pull it through" place that hand dries the car scrape a few wheels and more and more I am just noticing ALL of the dirt isn't...
  14. MJH_102383

    Clear Bra & Ceramic - can’t go through car wash?

    Forgive me for what maybe an amateur question… on all our cars we generally do ceramic and clear bra / PPF and of course we would never take Porsche cars through a gas station type car wash…. But the decent ones that are $15-20 a wash that generally use the shammy type things to dry the car at...
  15. MJH_102383

    White Taycan Owners: how to remove black little dirt marks!

    I am sure I am just as much of a fanatic about keeping my Taycan spotless as the next enthusiast… but for some reason every 3-4 days without rain my Taycan gets dirt marks on the bottom half of both doors typically the bottom half of the door and the side skirts as well. Here is a picture which...
  16. MJH_102383

    WTT: Mission E Centercaps for White/non-Colored Centercaps

    I am located in Pennsylvania if anyone is willing to trade! I have the colored centercaps on my Mission E wheels and want the white/clear ones.
  17. MJH_102383

    Mission E Center Caps w/ Chrome Ring & Black+White?

    What center caps are these for the Mission E wheels? I absolutely love them but can't seem to find them on Suncoast website
  18. MJH_102383

    Radio / Sirius XM Favorites Randomly Disappear ?

    Has anyone experienced this and if so how to rectify? I have 8-10 favorites between FM radio and Sirius XM and after wasting all of the time getting them in the *exact* (OCD) order that I want today I get into the car... start it... and the system seemed glitchy and froze up quite a bit...
  19. MJH_102383

    Powder Coating Mission E Wheels on White TS - Opinions Needed!

    Would love fellow Taycan drivers opinions... if you have good enough taste to buy a Taycan I’ll basically let this poll make my decision ha ...basically I have white Mission E wheels that came with the Turbo S and I thought since my old 718 GTS was black on black I could get used to white on...
  20. MJH_102383

    FS: 22” Cayenne Turbo Design Wheels & New Tires

    Link to Cayenne Forum Assuming there’s no issue posting a link it was easier than re-uploading all of the pictures and all that. They’re great condition and I would prefer local pick up—I am outside Philadelphia.