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  1. Porsche-Guru

    Porsche PIWIS coding/ programming/ diagnostic independent, specialist, enthusiast, hobbyist - Anyone ?

    Looking to get a few things coded/ programmed into my Taycan. Does anyone know some one (independent, enthusiast, hobbyist or anybody) who has access to Porsche diagnostic & coding software (PIWIS 3/4) and would be willing to program some options on the Taycan at reasonable costs? Dealerships...
  2. Porsche-Guru

    How to keep Rear LED strip always ON?

    Is there anyway to keep the rear LED strip always on? Similar to the Daylight Running Lights (DRL) at the front; is there any way to make the rear lights always ON or be part of the DRL? Anyway to program this, or a fuse or a cable connection mechanism... or some other means?
  3. Porsche-Guru

    Wheel nut torque values?

    Hi, Anyone know the Porsche wheel nut tightening Torque value for the Taycan 4S with 20" wheels? I am looking to remove the wheels this week to ceramic coat them... Thanks...
  4. Porsche-Guru

    Disconnect 12V battery….

    Does anyone know how to disconnect the 12V battery cable? I have searched the forum, and all the links are for LHD (EU/US) cars. As the battery location is on the opposite side to the steering wheel, I can’t seem to access the negative terminal. I just want to disconnect the 12V battery for a...
  5. Porsche-Guru

    What does Stage 4/ Stage 5 of Order Tracking mean?

    I ordered my Taycan using a Lease company (salary sacrifice scheme)... which means I do not get any updates from the dealership. The only information on my order can be obtained from the leasing company... and they are quite poor at communication. Lat week, I managed to get my VIN number, sent...
  6. Porsche-Guru

    VIN decoder - spec sheet of VIN number

    Build,Hi, Does anyone know of a FREE VIN decoder website, where I can find out the spec/ build sheet against the VIN number? I have just received my VIN from my leasing company. I have tried a few VIN sites but all these are paid options… and some of them only do US based cars. All I want to...
  7. Porsche-Guru

    VIN decoder - anyone has a web link?

    Hi, Does anyone know of a FREE VIN decoder website? I have just received my VIN from my leasing company. I have tried a few sites but all these are paid options. All I want to check is the build sheet, specifications, etc... I cannot use the My Porsche App yet, as the car is through a...