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  1. stonecold926

    Car Photograph Solution?

    I've tried to take photograph of my new Taycan everywhere I go. Here is two example work The issue I am encountering is: I take photos while leaving the headlights on (as it's one of the basic rule in car photograph) but the door handles wouldn't retract if I don't lock the car which...
  2. stonecold926

    2 years 5 months and 26000 miles later - sharing thoughts

    How come my 2023 RWD with default battery only has 223mi at 100%😭
  3. stonecold926

    3D Printed Charger/Phone holder Update for Apple MagSafe & iSetchi (STLs included) ...

    I printed it in ABS, hopefully it has better heat resistant. It fits perfectly good on the console; not too tight, I can even slide it up and down to adjust the position. I don't think it will leave marks on the leather overtime. My location 3D printing store quoted me over $200 for one...
  4. stonecold926

    Base Taycan range: less? more? or average?

    not sure my input would add anything constructive: My RWD with regular battery at 85% is around 190 miles. My car is less a month new.
  5. stonecold926

    July 2023 Deliveries

    After all the delays that occurred the past several months, seems July is the turning point for a lot of us that finally start getting delivery. Let's end July with a high note.
  6. stonecold926

    Dealer trade in values

    Can't agree more. I asked about the trade in value for my BMW 640i with Porsche. They offered me $11K with all their BS lowballing reasons. Eventually I sold it myself for over $23k.
  7. stonecold926

    July 2023 Deliveries

    It was finally delivered to me yesterday. nearly 8 month of wait comes to the end. Placed order 11/18/2022 Freeze point 1/23/2023 Started manufacturing 2/20/23 Finished manufacturing 2/26/23 Arrived at Emden 3/1/23 everything was promptly and on schedule till this point. the original delivery...
  8. stonecold926

    July 2023 Deliveries

    TYD status doesn't update promptly. Not very reliable. But also, SA could have a false estimated schedule from Porsche.
  9. stonecold926

    July 2023 Deliveries

    gryphon99 gkellogg and other forum mates whose cars is held at local port, particularly in the US west coast/SoCal My car finally left the SD port today, will be at the dealership today. If mine is finally released, It should be the light at the end of the tunnel for you guys too. My buddy's...
  10. stonecold926

    July 2023 Deliveries

    Hey guys, I am officially, once again, jumping from other month to July delivery thread. (originally March delivery). TYD updated to 7/6 today. This time it just pushes back for one week from 6/29 instead of a two-week placeholder date. Hopefully it's a good sign. I don't even care about...
  11. stonecold926

    June 2023 Deliveries

    relax buddy. you are new to the forum so you have no idea how many of us here are waiting with no reason given. it is unfortunately, the new normal for Porsche. My car has been at the local port since end of April and still no sign of being released. I was supposed to take delivery in March...
  12. stonecold926

    June 2023 Deliveries

    my only explanation for this is: remember we had three categories for the new heater module, the first group to get the new heaters is those cars at dealerships; the second is those are going into production; the last group is those newly built cars at the time. cars built around Feb, March...
  13. stonecold926

    June 2023 Deliveries

    They dont know nothing but sugarcoating so they don't sound incompetent, which we know they all are. I have been told there is zero issue of battery, heater, recall/stop sale on my car at all, but the fact is its just tragically sitting at San Diego port for two months now. my SA even showed...
  14. stonecold926

    June 2023 Deliveries

    It will not, I am calling it lol instead, additional 2-3 months wait
  15. stonecold926

    It’s here and the wait is all forgotten

    my car was completed on 2/24, i'm still waiting for it too
  16. stonecold926

    June 2023 Deliveries

    Mine has been sitting at San Diego port since 4/24. Pretty sure there is a long wait ahead of you since all the TYD deliver dates are just placeholder. The latest deliver date I got is 6/14 (today) and there is no news for my car to leave the SD port. I won't be surprised it gives me another...
  17. stonecold926

    June 2023 Deliveries

    I genuinely suspect it is just a placeholder (ofc wish I am wrong) since most of us get the 6/14 deliver date (myself included) regardless the region of the world. West coast, east coast, the south, UK. All 6/14? How it is even possible? I wouldn't be surprised when 6/14 comes, it pushes to...
  18. stonecold926

    Claim your complimentary Transformers: Rise of the Beasts official poster.

    Just got this message from Porsche. I am in the US so not sure about other countries. Here is the link for claiming the poster: Click here For those of you who don't understand about this, the new Transformers movie uses Porsche 911 Carrera RS 3.8. as one of the Autobot.
  19. stonecold926

    June 2023 Deliveries

    Hell June delivery thread, I am new here. Originally from March Deliveries thread. Then April. Then May. And now here I am. Deliver date is pushed to 6/14. Like someone else's guess, it's probably just a placeholder. At lease this time they give me a date that is located on a Wednesday, not...