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  1. Tucson_Jim

    Typical Percentage off MSRP for CPO Taycan?

    You should be at 2/3 of MSRP or less.
  2. Tucson_Jim

    Homelink and rear camera nuisance

    The little house in the lower RH corner of the screen is the Homelink button when the camera is on.
  3. Tucson_Jim

    Lot of Taycan for sale with low miles

    To add to Derek's post, even if you don't buy CPO, as long as the vehicle is within its warranty period you can now by a Porsche extended warranty.
  4. Tucson_Jim

    October 2023 Deliveries

    Was told heater. Supply from Ukraine disrupted. Glad I went the way I did. Love the car.
  5. Tucson_Jim

    October 2023 Deliveries

    My car reached Emden in early May and, as far as I know, it's still there waiting on a heater. I was told a Q4 arrival date in the US. I canceled my order and bought a used turbo instead.
  6. Tucson_Jim

    Considering Canceling MY23 Taycan 4S

    Down here when I was shopping, I saw the supply increase in conjunction with the weakening of the tech market, increase in interest rates and the collapse of that Silicon Valley bank. My personal opinion is that these caused enough of a belt tightening among folks who picked up the Taycan as...
  7. Tucson_Jim

    Considering Canceling MY23 Taycan 4S

    I agree with RedHot2474. I cancelled my base 4 in a similar situation and picked up a near-new Turbo for about the same outlay. Used, low mileage Taycans are a buyers market.
  8. Tucson_Jim

    Is it easy to charge at Electrify America charging station?

    If you're set up on the EA app, they already have it. Exceeding 30 minutes was seamless for me, although some stations showed a $ charge building from the start and applied a credit for the first 30 minutes during the wrap up.
  9. Tucson_Jim

    Is it easy to charge at Electrify America charging station?

    Agree with ionFlow. Plug in (no phone app interaction or plug identification needed if you're registered). Wait for connection. Press "Continue". Charge. Press "stop" when done. I just completed a 2,200 mile road trip. EA charger sites had between 50% and 100% of chargers "working" with...
  10. Tucson_Jim

    Spacers on 20" Turbo S Wheels

    Seems like any spacers would create greater inside tire wear. If so, you’re paying an ongoing price for the look. Thoughts, anyone?
  11. Tucson_Jim

    All 4 windows sometimes don’t go up at first or second attempt

    I had a similar issue on my 2021 Turbo. Took it in and they spent over a day working on it. Said it was software/programming. Everything works fine now.
  12. Tucson_Jim

    New Porsche Charging Lounge Experience by Out of Spec

    I agree on ABQ, Derek. And yes, Gallup worked. Just a bit bleak. Did you happen to also hit the lovely oasis in Wagon Mound, NM?
  13. Tucson_Jim

    New Porsche Charging Lounge Experience by Out of Spec

    Try a run from Phoenix to Albuquerque to experience LOW. Nothing like charging at one of 4 stations (2 working) at the WalMart in Gallup NM to make you appreciate how lucky you are.
  14. Tucson_Jim

    Catching the falling knife...

    Bought a 2021 Turbo with 3,600 miles on it 5 months ago for $50K under MSRP. I agree with others on this thread... grind the dealer and stick to your guns.
  15. Tucson_Jim

    MY23 CT4S in satin and carbon fiber, need help with rim protector and ideas for garage floor

    Beautiful job! I'd be interested in hearing how the satin PPF holds up after a few weeks of bug hits and clean up. I'm beginning to see tell tale "ghost" traces of the bug splatter patterns on the wet PPF, even after a thorough wash / detail. Disappears when dry, but concerning that it may be...
  16. Tucson_Jim

    Accident update - repair estimate is in and I got relatively lucky

    Just drove to Denver and back from Tucson in the Turbo. Highway conditions on I-25 have become a slalom course between potholes and bridge gaps like the one you hit. I stopped counting the number of phantom hits recorded by my BlackVue.
  17. Tucson_Jim

    Air suspension issue on Taycan 4S?? "Chassis level extremely low" Anyone else experience this?

    I had the exact problem on my Cayenne. Leak in the compression line.
  18. Tucson_Jim

    Window Operation - Auto

    I had the identical problem (slow, continuous hold passenger and driver windows) and the do-it-yourself reset didn’t work. Took it in and after half a day was told they had “reprogrammed” it. It not works as designed about 95% of the time. The remaining 5% I attribute to an ID-10t error.
  19. Tucson_Jim

    Welcome to Normal Depreciation

    Bought my 2021 loaded Turbo with 3600 miles for $50k under sticker. Canceling my 2023 base order was the best car buying decision I ever made.