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  1. Crick

    [PCA] - Informal Taycan Gathering - Laguna Seca Saturday Sept. 16th, 2023 - 10 am to 2 pm - Laguna Seca paddock

    Hi @daveo4EV - r u still on for Saturday as outlined ?
  2. Crick

    I'm confused - EA was flawless yestereday for me

    @daveo4EV Why do you need "to use the app to start a session"? Is it a model year difference? (mine is a MY21) I am able to pull into a station, turn off the vehicle., close the doors, plug in the cable, and .... charging starts. This has worked at EA stations from San Francisco to LA. Only...
  3. Crick

    Life's too short...

    I had originally optioned quite conservatively. Then my wife said, “You may be buying your last car. Check all.” So I did. Never look back. Just drive it and love it. I have NEVER thought, “I should have bought a Tesla.” The only option that I have not benefited from is InnoDrive. But that is...
  4. Crick

    First major trip across Portugal in my Taycan. How it feels charging at 2.1kW vs 264kW.

    Great write up, @tchavei. I'm in the Golden Visa program (application in queue) so really nice to hear that it's possible to traipse around Portugal in a Tycan - even at the peak of EV charging demand!
  5. Crick

    Life's too short...

    IMHO, you should go with the Plaid. You’ll never be satisfied with a Taycan given your focus on stats and will always be looking over your shoulder at some higher stat. The Taycan is for driving - a stat that doesn’t come with a number … something only you can take the measure of by how it makes...
  6. Crick

    Expectations Exceeded

    Thanks for posting @CLF1 . I've only logged 13,000 miles. I get satisfaction every day - whether a 2 mi trip to the pool, or one of the "Taycan Trips" my wife and I take on a weekend now and then. Such a pleasure to drive.
  7. Crick

    Anyone going back to a Tesla?

    Is this difference (9.5 hrs in your Taycan and 8 hrs in your Tesla) because the Taycan is slower?
  8. Crick

    Power off question, weird change in function

    Are you sure you want the car to turn off by itself just because you opened the door? That is not a feature I would want. Too many time that I need to pop open the door for few seconds or minutes. If the car turned itself off I would be annoyed - especially with the PCM startup time. My 2021...
  9. Crick

    Can you charge and run AC at the as time?

    Yes. Charging does not affect any vehicle functions from what I have experienced (except drive and reverse)
  10. Crick

    Did launch control for the first time on my ‘20 Turbo

    just make sure your front wheels are pointing straight before releasing the brake... And there's a bit of a head rush as the blood in your brain pools in the rear of your cranium
  11. Crick

    What is your Taycan Range after X miles, Let's get some data

    12,000 mi on a 2021 Turbo S 80% SOC: 189 mi combined city - highway 100% SOC: 230 mi reported (I've never run it below 10 mi left on the range meter)
  12. Crick

    POLL - Have PPF, Phew - Don't have, Ugh! Or in between?!

    I frigging LOVE the PPF. I did the whole car and would do it again the same way. See this set of posts for detailed description.. Now, 12,000 miles and 18 months later, I appreciate the PPF even more. The car always looks clean The finish has a deep "luster" No chips or dings (despite...
  13. Crick

    Tesla Fanboy Journey

    Rear wheel steering is an absolute joy: precision and tight turns. Excellent. Thermally/noise-insulated glass: a must-have if you drive on the highway. It makes the Burmester worth every penny. Innodrive: in the U.S., around San Francisco, daily driving works too well, dropping speed to posted...
  14. Crick

    Can't work out if a Taycan is worth it for me?

    Then, IMHO, you are buying for the wrong reasons.
  15. Crick

    Locking Wheel Nut Key

    @whitex I wasn't referring to the aftermarket lugs. I was referring to the lugs that come with the Taycan. One can buy a socket that fits the Taycan stock lug, which looks like this:
  16. Crick

    My Preferred Multi-Screen Cabin Layout

    Yes, there is normally a minor hum like all electric vehicles have, that cannot be turned off; however, the “audio engine” is distinct and of greater volume and can be enabled/disabled or programmatically associated with each drive mode (Normal, Sport, Sport Plus, Individual) The lost Burmester...
  17. Crick

    My Preferred Multi-Screen Cabin Layout

    ciaranob, thanks for the write up. I generally follow a similar path. A couple of exceptions: Right Diamond: Sound on/off. I use the sound in parking lots to alert pedestrians then turn it off. Multi-display: This had been my most used as my car has Burmester audio. The multi-display...
  18. Crick

    Car totalled. Would be very appreciative of some guidance

    You are ahead of the game since the SUV driver has USAA and the police report ID’s that driver as at fault. USAA is a stand up org. I’ve had USAA insurance for 40 years. Reinforcing here an earlier comment regarding notifying your own insurance company. In previous experiences, USAA (as my...