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  1. stonecold926

    Car Photograph Solution?

    I've tried to take photograph of my new Taycan everywhere I go. Here is two example work The issue I am encountering is: I take photos while leaving the headlights on (as it's one of the basic rule in car photograph) but the door handles wouldn't retract if I don't lock the car which...
  2. stonecold926

    Claim your complimentary Transformers: Rise of the Beasts official poster.

    Just got this message from Porsche. I am in the US so not sure about other countries. Here is the link for claiming the poster: Click here For those of you who don't understand about this, the new Transformers movie uses Porsche 911 Carrera RS 3.8. as one of the Autobot.
  3. stonecold926

    How reliable is the Porsche app?

    TYD on website says my deliver date is 5/5, which is tomorrow. But today, I download the Porsche app for the first time and saw this. How reliable is this information on Porsche app from your guys experience? I know the app overall has horrible reviews so I don’t want to sweat over it...
  4. stonecold926

    Do you guys pay markup or MSRP for your Taycan?

    Just curious about how everybody's experience of getting a Taycan. From where I am, I was told from multiple dealerships to pay $15k to $20k USD for the markup due to the high demands when I was shopping around back in Nov. 2022. Ofc, I wasn't that desperate to pay that much to the...