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  1. Tucson_Jim

    Door seal replacement?

    Does anyone have experience replacing the door seal on a Taycan? My SA is quoting $700 to do it and it seems like the part is around $200. Is it a simple pull-off push-on process or is there an adhesive that has to be removed and applied? Considering doing it myself.
  2. Tucson_Jim

    150kw/400V retrofit?

    Anybody hearing anything (rumor or otherwise) about the ability to retrofitting the 150kw/400V option? Bought my turbo used and it's one of the few options the original owner failed to spec.
  3. Tucson_Jim

    Porsche Platinum Extended Warranty pricing

    Porsche recently introduced their extended warranty product for the Taycan. In the past, you could shop around and find discounted prices from dealers willing to give up a little of this “found money” in exchange for five minutes of paperwork. Has anyone found a dealer who is offering...