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  1. Fcmbr

    Taycan to Switzerland & Austria

    I bought a „Stanley Razor Edge Scraper“ from Amazon to take it off each year. Works like a charm! After you have scraped off the sticker apply some adhesive remover or rubbing alcohol to remove any glue residue and you‘re good to go.
  2. Fcmbr

    Taycan to Switzerland & Austria

    FYI: the Swiss vignette is now also available as a digital purchase since last month (August 2023). Very much looking forward to yet another one of your excellent trip reports.
  3. Fcmbr

    Chalk on Taycan , WOW

    Hmmm.. this really is difficult to see in pictures. Chalk is especially hard to capture well. Buti would also think that that car is ice grey metallic. FWIW, this is my Taycan ST, which i am sure is chalk:
  4. Fcmbr

    New car, when does range finally start steady out to EPA?

    When you use the Porsche Range calculator, that configuration (Base Taycan, w/o performance+ battery, 21-inch wheels, 100% city driving) comes out to ~160miles of range:
  5. Fcmbr

    Car height basis?

    My mistake. I was a bit too quick in reading and responding. The only useful thing about this chart as far as overall vehicle height is concerned is that you can at see what the difference between the different ride modes is.
  6. Fcmbr

    Car height basis?

  7. Fcmbr

    CHALK Taycan Club

    I am thrilled to also be joining the Chalk Taycan club after having taken delivery of my GTS ST two weeks ago (following some hefty delays :whew:)
  8. Fcmbr

    Front End Clearance?

    I also find this quite helpful:
  9. Fcmbr

    New functionality wish list?

    I would love settings to prefer certain charging networks (e.g. Ionity) in the route planning so that the car doesn’t route me to some unreliable, slow, expensive charger.
  10. Fcmbr

    Code Numbers for Taycan Equipment, Options and Package **Full List**

    Does anybody know what V1L is supposed to be? I also saw this on my option sheet (after the car was built, there was nothing in the configurator), but have no idea what this would mean: EDIT: Just read the option code above that: V0A Tires w/o specification of tire brand which makes...
  11. Fcmbr

    Porsche Sales Rep - Sleight of Hand

    I had the exact same experience here in Switzerland. The dealer contacted me specifically to discuss what he would like me to enter into the survey.... Really defeats the purpose
  12. Fcmbr

    water everywhere after car wash

    2. & 3 Must be a Porsche thing in general. I have the exact same on my 718 (and i have so far only washed that car by hand/with a pressure washer). For 3 i now usually place some dry towels underneath the hood before i wash the car in the hope that they soak up most of the water
  13. Fcmbr

    New Porsche App is garbage

    In my opinion you don’t want to be using the Car Connect App even if you have a compatible Porsche ;). My GT4 is technically compatible, but I decided against extending the service agreement when the free period expired after 12 months. The app is just incredibly outdated and super slow. Not...